Smiley Cushions

Today, the Internet is replete with various decorative pillows. You can pay the master and order yourself any pillow, but you can do without it. To do this, you can build these pillows themselves. Today we will make pillows smiles. These "Muzzles" will cheer up the hosts always. So, first, we'll arm ourselves with everything necessary, namely, we need a yellow fleece. It will take 1 meter. Small segments of red, black and white fleece, filler, thread. We will not make any patterns. Everything will be, as they say, "by eye". We cut out 45 * 45 squares, we need 6 such squares - for 3 pillows.
 Smiley Pillows
Now we cut out the details of the face: eyes - we make ovals 9,5 cm long, and 6 cm wide. White fleece. We need 4 such details. Cut out the mouth - a little oval strip 22 cm long, 0.7 cm wide, from black fleece - 3 pieces. Eyebrows cut out the same strips, only 8 cm long, you can slightly more - they are also made from black fleece, you need 6 pieces. Black fleece pupils, 2.5 cm height and 1.5 in width - 4 pieces are needed. We also need a tongue from red fleece, 6.5 cm long. Two eyes will be hearts, therefore we cut out two hearts 8.5 * 9 from red fleece , 5 We will also need two blush on the cheeks, red ovals 4 * 2.5. Cut out all the details, lay them on our yellow squares.
Smiley Cushions
Smiley Cushions
 Pillows smilies
This is how pillows will look. It only remains to sew the details. Take two eyebrows and sew them on the base.
 Emoticons pillows
Sew mouth.
>img src="" alt="Smiley Cushions" title="Cushion Smiley">
Emoticons Cushions We sew two hearts under eyebrows.
 Pillows smilies
dynes smajl ready. We do the rest. Sew our mouth, slightly moving it to the side, as in the photo.
 Smile pillows
Top sew eyebrows.
 Smile Emoticons
Now we take black pupils and sew them on the eyes,white ovals.
Pillows smilies
 Pillows smiles
Like hearts, we have eyes under eyebrows.
Smile Pillows
It remains to sew blush on the cheeks. We have them not on the same level, one above the other.
 Pillows Smilies
Another smiley is ready. We begin the last smiley. Sew the language.  Pillows smiles
Sew on mouth and eyebrows.
 Smile Pillows
Nashivaem black pupils on the eyes, only now sew them from the bottom.
 Emoticons pillows
Our eyes are the resulting base.
 Emoticons Cushions
Well, the emoticons are ready. Now we will assemble the pillow itself, for this we take a yellow square and impose it on the smiley and sew around the edges, in the corners sew in a semicircle so that the corners are not sharp. Turn the pillow on the front side,we fill it with filler and sew it up. Similarly, we collect the rest of the pillows.
 Pillows smilies
 Smiley Cushions

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