Plastic pipe drilling machine

This machine design is for those who want to quickly make a small drilling machine without having the desire or ability to work with iron.
Plastic pipe drilling machine
The plastic pipe drilling machine has several advantages compared to an iron machine:
  • Just in manufacturing.
  • Easy.
  • Easy to repeat without any drawings.
It is inferior to iron except in load capacity, although for drilling small parts of its strength is enough with the head. The photo details that you need. Almost all of them can be bought in the plumbing and construction stores. Note that in addition to the plastic parts, there are two wooden parts in the design. This is the base of the frame and the substrate of the drill itself. Details lie as they will be soldered.
Plastic pipe drilling machine
What is the diameter of the pipe to use? - You decide. It all depends on the size of your drill.I took a diameter of 25 mm. Start the assembly of the drilling machine.
Drilling machine of plastic pipes
A movable unit that is on the lowering and raising handles. The middle spider is larger in diameter so that it calmly goes through the tube. It does not weld, but simply assembles. Next, we solder the central node on which the drill will be mounted. Crosses taken the same diameter as the tube on which it will ride. It is impossible to take it with a larger diameter - there will be too much play, and in order for it to go through the pipe without problems, the pipe needs to be grinded with emery paper. / "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="Plastic pipe drilling machine">

We assemble the whole structure with the base of the machine.

Drilling machine of plastic pipes
Drilling machine of plastic pipes
Drilling machine from plastic pipes
Springs are bought.Similar springs can be tried in the old mattress.
Plastic Pipe Drilling Machine

Drill Assembly.

Plastic Pipe Drilling MachineThe machine is ready.The base is wooden, pre-cut and painted. In the center there is a hole for free running of the drill. The drill is fixed with plastic clips. You can also use a drill with a pistol grip, first holding the trigger. When soldering the machine, be especially careful: use gloves to avoid scalding. This is a small machine I have turned out, which is well suited for drilling electronic boards, small metal or plastic products.
Drilling machine from plastic pipes
In general, the application in everyday life there is always.

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