Plasticine butterfly

Butterflies - a real decoration of summer meadows and fields. They flit carelessly over flowers and grass, like a living embodiment of lightness and grace.

You can make your own unique butterfly using different materials.

Butterfly from plasticine

For example, a very unusual looking butterfly made of plasticine, applied on a cardboard base. Cardboard makes the work more long, but interesting, since it is too easy to make a butterfly from plasticine without using the base.

To create a base from a sheet of cardboard, we cut the silhouette of butterfly wings.

Cardboard base

Cardboard base

Now carefully, with a thin layer, apply plasticine on it. It is better if the color of the cardboard and plasticine is the same - then small flaws will not be too noticeable.

 Start blurring

We begin to smudge

Gradually you need to cover the entire cardboard with plasticine.

 We cover the whole basis

We cover the whole

Then, from the gray clay, you need to fashion the body and the head of a butterfly, and then attach them in the center, between the wings.

Body and headBody and head

There remains the most interesting part in which there is a run-up for children th fantasy: we turn to the creation of a unique pattern on the wings. First of all, we impose bright colored circles on them - like the eyes on the wings of the Machaon.



We cover the free space with smaller dots.

Points smaller

Points smaller

With points of a different color, lay a line along the body of the butterfly. Attach smaller circles in the center of large eyes. We select the color to your taste, trying to make the combination more expressive and bright.

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