Plus size stars: how to wear summer outfits

We tell by the example of stars how to look stylish and harmonious in the summer, even if your figure is far from the model ideal.

In the summer you want to look stunning! Especially after a frosty winter and dank spring, when we are forced to wrap ourselves in sweaters, scarves and down jackets, denying ourselves beautiful dresses. To show itself in all its glory and to be really stylish, it is not necessary to have a model appearance and an ideal sharp figure. Remember: everything is possible, if you place the accents correctly! And celebrities, whom nature has not deprived those extra pounds, once again demonstrate this to us!

Here are some simple secrets that will help you create the actual image.

Black total look.Black color visually reduces the volume and makes it slimmer - we think this fact is no secret to anyone. However, it is worth remembering: in order to hide the extra centimeters, it is not necessary to put on dimensionless overalls. They will only add unnecessary volume.Choose narrow silhouettes, and problem areas can always be adjusted elongated top.

Underlined waist.This is probably the main rule of any literate bow. Waist should be expressed. Emphasize it with either a wide contrasting belt, narrowed silhouette. In any case, the figure will always look advantageous if the waist is too high.

The game with textures.In no case should light shades of clothing be excluded from your basic wardrobe. But here it is worth remembering that the body color set should be made of fabrics with different textures. Then the image will not look too "flat." For example, combine cotton or silk top with trousers with suede effect.

The right shoes.Heel - the main component of a successful image. He may not be too high, but he must be. Heeled shoes visually pull the silhouette and make legs slimmer, even if you wear “dangerous” tight pants.

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