Plus Size: Taylor Swift wore a swimsuit for the full

It seems that the star has already begun to classify herself as a plus-size girl and wear the appropriate outfits.

Taylor Swift does not hide the fact that over the past year has gained a few extra pounds. However, in our opinion, the new figure looks quite normal and cool. And in general, thanks to regular sports and dancing, Taylor is in excellent shape: neither cellulite, nor flabbiness, nor fat. Nevertheless, it seems that Sweetf is not quite happy with her body. At least, recently she tries to wear clothes that conceal flaws.

For example, in early July, the singer was spotted on the Turks and Caicos Islands, along with her 27-year-old boyfriend Joe Alvin, with whom she has been dating for almost two years. A couple came to frolic in the ocean and fry in the sun. Naturally, there were some beach shots! For the holidays, Taylor chose a split swimsuit, ideal for plus size girls.High waist, swimming trunks, shorts, closed bodice-crop-top - tan in such a swimsuit is clearly not too big.

Judging by the choice of swimsuit, Swift decided to hide the body because of the complexes associated with weight gain. Even a bikini print turned out to be with “special effects”: it's no secret to anyone that the thin strip is slim.

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