Polymer clay frame with a measure of the weight of products

A woman spends a lot of time in the kitchen if she prefers healthy food, loves to delight her loved ones with tasty dishes, and enjoys the process. A conveniently organized workplace should not only be in the office. Homework also requires a certain order and is much more convenient to bake pies, if everything is at hand. In our time, the dominance of semi-finished products, we are less likely to cook at home, forgetting how home-made pastries smell. For those who are not lazy to stand at the stove, a crib in the form of a frame that can be made with polymer clay will be useful. To work we need: -polymer clay of several Colors. - Printed table measures the products in the laminate. - glue gun. First of all, you need to pack in a laminate data plate.
 pack in a laminate
Then proceed to the design of the frame.We make flagella of one or two colors from polymer clay, and arrange them in a chaotic order, intertwining with each other. Lay out around the perimeter of the sheet and place it on the sheet for thermal processing. Next, proceed to making various trivia. Fruit, a bag of salt, in general, everything that your imagination can realize. We place on the tile and bake according to the instructions that are provided to the polymer clay.  Make a frame from polymer clay
 temperature processing field
After the product has hardened and cooled down, we fix the frame with a glue gun to a sheet with information on weight measures. The next stage is about placing the prepared fruits on the frame surface by fastening them with the same glue gun.
 glue the frame
If you attach two magnets on the back side, then our cheat sheet will fit comfortably on any metal surface . They can be glued with the same gun,and borrow magnets from annoying or spoiled magnets from a refrigerator.
 frame with magnets
 magnetizes to the refrigerator
Ramochka not it will only be beneficial, but it will also delight you with bright colors. This is also a great opportunity to work with children in creative work. Fine motor skills are especially useful for children and older people. It is proved that the work of fingers and hands affects the mental development in children, and does not allow old age to sneak up unnoticed by older people. So it’s pleasant to both of you and your grandmother to do.
 polymer clay figures
will please you with bright colors
Such work does not require special artistic skills, and you will spend the evening with your child, once again, tearing it away from the computer that is dragging on the network.

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