Polymer clay lamb

Everyone is very well aware and probably everyone is already looking forward to the coming of the next 2015 - the year of the Sheep. This animal brings a lot of joy, good mood, and therefore it is necessary to meet him on New Year's Eve as it should be. A festive family atmosphere, a beautiful Christmas tree, a luxurious festive table, and of course many, many different gifts. In the New Year, you can give absolutely everything, even any trifling thing, but it will seem like a rather valuable gift on this holiday. Well, that is mainly presented for the New Year in such a way that it is both pleasant and unimportant: magnets, figurines, piggy banks, soft toys, Christmas balls with the image of an animal that comes in the coming year. Since the next year we will be visited by a sheep, then gifts and small things should be in the form of a sheep. For example, you can make a small statuette of polymer clay, it is also called plastic. It will be interesting for you and at the same time it will be pleasant to receive a special handmade gift in the New Year. If you have ever sculpted a bit of plasticine, you can easily learn how to sculpt from polymer clay.The difference in modeling is that clay is not as viscous as plasticine, it is very hard and requires effort to knead, and as a result, after molding, the product must either be baked or cooked so that the plastic hardens and the product keeps its shape. Let's try. We take for modeling sheep: Plastic of four colors: black, pale pink, solid beige and white, we take warmer shades, sticks 8-9 cm long and 10 mm in diameter; Board for plasticine; Knife and stick for working with plastics; Cooking tank (old pan, which is not used for food purposes); Decoupage varnish and brush in order to give brightness to the product .
 Polymer Clay Sheep
Let's start first the body of the lamb. Cut off about 2 cm of solid clay and begin to knead until completely softened. We kneaded and sculpted the oval for the body, flattened it a bit. We cut off about 1 cm more from the body sausage and knead and roll a circle for the head.
 Polymer clay sheep
 Polymer clay sheep
Fasten head to the body.Well pressed.  Polymer clay lamb
 Polymer Clay Sheep Cut off more 4 pieces of 1 cm, knead each and give the shape of a barrel for the legs of a sheep. We attach the legs to the body.  Polymer clay lamb  Polymer Clay Sheep Another of the two pieces make ears, fastened to the head and rounded to the top. From the pink clay we make a bow and attach it to the head.  Polymer clay lamb Polymer clay lamb From white clay we roll two small circles 5 mm in diameter and two circles of black 2 mm each. We press the black circles to the white ones, we get eyes that are fixed to the head. Another small pink bow is fastened under the head on the body. On the mug with a knife we ​​draw a smile.  Polymer clay lamb Now we roll balls of 4-5 mm of white clay, fasten it to the body. This will be a lamb fur coat. Sculpturing is over. Boil water in a prepared saucepan, throw the lamb into boiling water and cook for 12-15 minutes. We take out, cool and varnish to give color.
Polymer clay sheep
 Polymer Clay Sheep
Dry and gift the sheep is ready ! If you want to make a charm, then before making it you make a metal loop, insert it into the sheep and cook with the loop, and only then you can put the blank under the charm.
Polymer clay sheep

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