Popped rice

Popped rice
This is a very unusual delicacy, both in taste and in preparation. We need only two ingredients: Required ingredients for cooking: - Two round selective and pure rice are used - Refined vegetable oil. The process of cooking popped rice: 1. Rice must be boiled for 20-25 minutes in plenty of water. Rice should digest a little, but its rice should not stick together. Drain the water through a colander. Let the water drain. Put the rice on a paper towel or napkin and let dry. 2. We take a baking sheet for baking in the oven. We lay parchment paper or baking paper on it. We spread our boiled rice in one layer and put in the oven for 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 110-70 degrees Celsius. The rice should dry completely. 3. Next, we take the frying pan. Pour some vegetable oil into it, so that the rice in it floated a little. Heat the frying pan with oil to a normal frying temperature but not to the smoke of the oil. 4.We lay our dry rice in small portions. Rice immediately begins to swell. Immediately remove it and lay on napkins or paper towel, give extra oil to drain and soak into a napkin. Our excellent puffed rice is ready! And what to do with it further - decide for yourself. Bon Appetit.

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