Pork sausages, chopped by hand

What could be more delicious than juicy, homemade sausages cooked on the grill. From this phrase alone, appetite can run wild. Many housewives think that the process of preparing this dish is very complicated and takes a lot of time. But this is a misconception. In order to understand how simple it is, it is recommended that you make chopped sausages with your own hands at least once. Preparation of minced meat and filling the form takes 40 minutes, it will take another 20 minutes to prepare the dish on the grill or on the grill. In total, it turns out only one hour. Before you cook any sausage, you need to take care of purchasing a special shell that will form the product. Previously, it was called just a gut, now the name bung or chereva is more common. Oddly enough, such a product can be bought in ordinary meat departments. Just as unnecessary, hostesses rarely pay attention to such things. As a last resort, if the trunk could not be found,You can use ready-made kits for making home-made sausages from Maggi, which contain the necessary spices and a small amount of casing. Sausages can be made from any kind of minced meat, but the most tasty they come from pork with the addition of lard. The main rule of cutting meat is that it does not need to be passed through a meat grinder. The flesh must be cut or chopped with a sharp knife into small pieces. With this method of grinding does not disrupt the structure of the fiber and does not leak the internal juice. To prevent the product from being dry, a small amount of fat is added to the prepared meat.
 Pork sausages manually chopped
Pork sausages manually chopped
In pork sausages they put quite a lot of different greens, garlic, chopped onions, spices and, of course, salt. Types of seasonings added to meat depend only on the taste preferences of the cook. The classic set of spices includes several varieties of pepper and mixed spices. The next stage of preparation will be the preparation of rounds.Usually, the sausage casing is sold in salty form so that it does not spoil for a long time. Before stuffing the carcass with minced meat, rinse well in running water. This is done, as shown in the photo. The shell is filled several times with water, like a normal hose.  Pork sausages chopped by hand
 Pork sausages chopped by hand After washing the wood can start to fill it with minced meat. The easiest way to use for this grinder with a special nozzle. The shell is strung on a small tube, through which the finished stuffing comes. If there is no such device on the farm, then you can simply stuff the shell with a teaspoon or make some kind of funk and push stuffing through it. Unfortunately, this method will take more time. Pork sausages chopped by hand  Pork sausages chopped by hand As you go filling,sausage must be periodically tied up with a strong thread, so that in the future it will be possible to divide it into small pieces in the form of wieners. This completes the preparatory part. Raw sausages can be stored in the refrigerator in a frozen form for a rather long time and thawed in portions as needed. Chopped pork sausages can be cooked on the grill, in the convection oven and in any other way. During cooking, it is recommended to make several punctures of the casing with a toothpick so that the sausage will not burst during frying because of the accumulated hot steam. The cooking time of such a product is 20 minutes. The readiness of a dish is determined by its appearance. The shell should brown and get a golden color. For greater confidence, you can cut one sausage and check the internal readiness of minced meat.
 Pork sausages manually chopped
Pork sausages manually chopped
As you can see, the recipe was simple and quite original.Relatives and guests will surely be surprised when they try such a dish, as well as appreciate the skill of the hostess.

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