Favorite Daddy Cards

Dad - the most important and beloved person in the life of everyone. Sometimes even for many, the pope is even more important or replaces his mother. Therefore, no matter how cool, always in any holiday I really want to please my beloved dad, to please him even with a small gift, either on his birthday, or on an anniversary or just to please his daddy and surprise him. So it is to surprise your dad that you can make beautiful and unusual greeting cards with your own hands using the scrapbooking technique. It will be doubly pleasant and interesting for your dad. Now we’ll consider such a master class. For making cards we need to take:
  • Cardboard black and gray A4 format;
  • Men's scrapbooking paper in sea blue color and black-brown;
  • Cut out circles of beige and white colors;
  • Pictures with clocks, travels and coffee themes;
  • Printed lettering to "Beloved Daddy";
  • Dark brown satin ribbon;
  • Gray-white fabric tape 20 mm wide;
  • Cut a sprig;
  • Gray paper gears,black and dark brown colors;
  • Pearl beads;
  • Lace from twine;
  • Wooden button
  • White paper,
  • Lighter, glue stick, double-sided adhesive tape, ruler, pencil and scissors.
 Postcards for your beloved daddy
 Postcards for Favorite Daddy
Let's start with the basics for postcards. To do this, expand the sheets of cardboard sheets and cut a quadrilateral 18 * 20 cm.
 Cards for Favorite Daddy
 Cards for Favorite Daddy
Now divide each in half by to the side that is 20 cm and draw a line of bending.  Postcards For your beloved daddy
 Postcards for the Beloved Daddy
Add and get both the basics. Additionally, you can make inserted strips inside the cards, so that you can insert a banknote into them. Cut the strips 3-3.5 cm * 18 cm, if there is a curb hole punch, then you can make the strips from one edge figured. If you don’t have a punch, you can easily leave straight strips. Edges are spread with glue pencil and paste inside the postcard on the left side.
 Postcards to the Beloved Daddy
 Postcards to the beloved daddy From the Whatman we cut out two rectangles to paste inwards the greeting cards.
 Postcards Love my daddy
 Postcards to the Beloved Daddy Measure out the length of 20 cm from the ribbons, cauterize the lighter edge immediately. At the center of each postcard, we glue pieces of ribbons so that later postcards can be tied into bows. Basics have been prepared, now you can safely move on to the next stage, working with scratch paper.  Postcards to the beloved daddy  Postcards to the Beloved Daddy From each we measure rectangles two for each card9.5 * 17.5 cm. One rectangle can be immediately glued to the back of the base, and we will decorate those other rectangles for the front part of the card. We spread the pictures, circles, cutting down the twigs and gears, as if we were trying on it first. We also cut out two labels for our beloved daddy.
 Postcards to the Beloved Daddy
 Postcards for your beloved daddy We glue all the decorations and then sew them on a typewriter. Now these scrap quadrilaterals to the basics. We sew both postcards in front and behind.
Postcards For Favorite daddy
 Postcards to the Beloved Daddy Kleim polusbusinki, lace and button. We tie the bows and get such postcards for our beloved daddy. Thank you for attention! Good luck to everyone and see you soon!
 Postcards for Favorite Daddy
 Postcards to the beloved daddy

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