Practical beautiful floor with glossy floor tiles

When choosing a floor tile, one of the important points is the definition of shape, size and color. The most common are rectangular, square tiles with dimensions of 500x500 mm, 300x300 mm. But sometimes there are six and even octahedral patterns. Also inspect the back side of the tile - it can be thick (vitrified) or rough, with pores. In the first case, the material is poorly penetrated by moisture, in the second it absorbs it well, but “incidentally” provides better adhesion to the surface when sticking, because a greater amount of adhesive penetrates into the pores. Ask the seller about the type of tile firing; It can be single or double. The second version of the product is preferable, because on top of this material is covered with an opaque glaze, which can be decorated with various patterns.
If you plan to lay ceramics in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it makes sense to ask about the resistance of the material to prolonged exposure to moisture, chemicals.And, of course, it is impossible to lay tiles intended for walls on the floor; the enamel will be quickly erased, and the ceramics itself, not intended for high loads, may burst. Porcelain tile, specially designed for laying on the floor, has high strength, "indifferent" to temperature changes, the appearance of oil stains and chemically aggressive substances.
When choosing, it is necessary to take into account that small tile visually gives a room a larger volume, large ceramics, on the contrary, visually reduces the area. A significant role and texture of the material: a smooth surface gives the room spaciousness and a sense of light. To get the desired interior, pay attention to the picture, which can attract attention to itself or, on the contrary, be a background, for example, to furniture.Scratches are noticeable better on dark monochrome tiles.
A simple drawing visually enlarges the room, as if breaking it up into zones, complicated on the contrary, reduces the area. Even little things like color, the thickness of the grout its role. Contrast trowel composition draws attention to the floor, if the grout is the same color as the tile, it creates the effect of a solid, uniform surface.If the grout is darker than ceramic, the floor seems cleaner.
Of particular note is the so-called.Metlakhskaya tile: this is a special, small-format material, featuring a large variety of colors and unusual hardness. A floor laid out of metlakh tiles well resists mechanical impact, humidity, chemical reagents. In appearance, the surface “decorated” with similar material resembles a chic oriental carpet.
It is generally recognized that the leaders in the production of the most durable and beautiful tiles are Spain and Italy. Good quality from German, Polish companies. When buying a tile, do the calculation of its quantity plus a reserve of 10% (it is especially necessary if it is assumed that the tile will have to be put on its own). The modern selection of ceramics is quite wide: tiles imitate stone, wood, fabric, parquet, mosaic and even leather. There are original, nothing like pictures. At the same time, collections of famous manufacturers are updated annually; There is always the opportunity to follow fashion trends or pick up some unique pattern.

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