Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedure

Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedureSpecifically, with an extract from the maternity hospital, family life will move to a new level. Now the health and safety of the baby depends only on the father and the mother, and this is a very important burden that you will “drag” on yourself for many years. Our country is bureaucratic, and therefore we will have to run after the papers and have at least a superficial idea of ​​how and what to do. This is what we'll talk about.

What is the period of discharge from the hospital

There is no exact date. Much depends on the nuances and on how the delivery went - with surgical intervention, of course, etc. In addition, doctors are obliged to take into account the general condition of the infant and mother, their state of health and readiness to leave the hospital. Typically, the period of stay in the hospital - from 3-4 days to 10-12, after childbirth.
There is such a medical specialty - a neonatologist, who by his decision determines whether a child can be discharged or should be delayed. Such factors are taken into accountsuch as: the time of adaptation and recovery of the baby, the presence of developmental abnormalities or certain congenital dysfunctions, diseases, allergic predispositions, assessment of the newborn's condition according to the Apgar table, vaccinations.
The obstetrician decides on the discharge of the mother, determining her condition. Often, if you are feeling well and everything is in order with the child, you can contact the head of the clinic, who confirms with his signature a document on the discharge from the obstetrician.Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedure

What is necessary from the documents at the discharge from the hospital

After giving the green light to the statement, do not rush to rejoice. It is necessary to collect a small set of documents, without which the procedure can not be completed.
Please note that all the documents below can usually be obtained by visiting the discharge area and on duty at the nurse’s on-call. It takes a little time. You may be asked to go and go after the pieces of paper yourself, if you feel well.Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedure
Will issue the following:

  • Exchange card - a document that contains information about the mother and child. It consists of two sheets, one you give to the antenatal clinic (information about the woman in labor), the second - to the children's hospital at the place of registration (information about the child).
  • Generic certificate - two copies of the document, which are transferred to the children's clinic and will continue to be one of the grounds for receiving financial assistance for the baby;
  • Hospital birth certificate - a document intended for the registry office, which will produce a normal birth certificate and for the district administration of social protection of the population, to receive financial assistance.

Treat your documentation with special care. If something is unclear - ask again, because these papers are the first most important identity cards of your baby.Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedure

Who and how to thank for discharge from the hospital

From a legal point of view, we have free medicine. The reality, alas, in violation of all legal norms, is different. You faced her at a time when you agreed on a place in a good maternity hospital. Maternity hospital workers are not in trouble, but if you have good impressions about their professionalism, there is nothing wrong with saying “thank you” - no. The standard set - good champagne, sweets, cookies, fruit - is fine, although the most desirable gift for all employees of medical institutions is money.Wrap in the envelope the amount that you consider necessary and give it to the midwife. Do not go around with your attention and pediatrician, with him you will meet again and again, so a good attitude is a must.Preparing for discharge from the hospital: documents, time, procedure

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