Problem of mounting the hood

I bought it means a hood, simple but not very cheap. He came home, was going to attach to the kitchen, when he stole a gas pipe that interfered. The manufacturer made standard fixings: for fixing on the wall closely, which naturally I could not do because of the pipe.
 Place for hood
Way out I found this: I bought 6 corners. They are not expensive, I cost 8 rubles a piece. Why 6? Because the hood will be mounted in 3 places and on one mount you will need 2 corners. Fastening will occur as follows:
First, I will screw all 6 corners to the hood and see how everything will be.
 attached corners

hood with corners
The pipe bulges in the largest place 5 centimeters from the wall. Corners give a distance of 8 centimeters,plus from you can adjust from 5 to 15 centimeters. Further, everything is according to the standard: fasten the corners to the wall and to the hood, then hang the hood and connect the corners of the wall and the hood, bolts.
hood to the wall
That's it, I hope someone come in handy.

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