Cheap Laser Projector
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Cheap Laser Projector

Laser projectors can be divided into two main categories. Either they use diffractive glass / foil to project the pattern, or they have a system that moves the laser beam in the directions of the XY axis, i.e., the classic scan
Multimedia projector
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Multimedia Projector

I think many would like to have a home theater at home. If you have already thought about this, then you probably faced the question - How to make a big screen? If you buy a TV, it will cost you a pretty penny, and even a big TV with
Simple Multimedia Projector

Simple Multimedia Projector

The time of the USSR is gone and left behind various, now useless trinkets. For example, you probably have a slide projector or film projector in the closet. Nobody needs him anymore, but it's a pity to throw it away ... Let's give it a second
Multimedia projector with our own hands
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DIY Multimedia Projector

You have no money for the projector? No problem! In our laboratory, we assembled a projector with our own hands - and the entire project cost less than $ 300. We got a picture in XGA resolution, with a diagonal of 3 meters and a brightness of 3,500 ANSI lumens.

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