All of us, women, dream of being slim and looking for ways to quickly and easily get rid of extra pounds. After all, often there are situations when you need to prepare for an important meeting in a few days, put on your favorite tight dress. Fast diets come to the rescue, one of them is a protein diet for weight loss for 10 days. Judging by the reviews, you can lose up to 10 kilograms during this time. Protein diet is preferred by those who can easily give up carbohydrates and fats, but can not imagine life without meat and dairy products. In this section you will find for yourself a comprehensive answer to the question of what a protein diet is. There are several protein diets, but perhaps the most famous one is the Dukan diet. The author of this now recognized effective method is the famous French nutritionist Pierre Ducane, who spent over 30 years developing his own slimming system. According to the Dyukan diet, slender figures, changed after the birth of children, film actresses and stars of world show business, regain themselves.But the Dyukan diet is quite long, consists of several phases. A 10-day is considered its express option, and you can resort to it no more than twice a year. Protein diet for weight loss - one of the most effective and, moreover, does not require you to sacrifice in the form of starvation. You can eat at any time and in any quantities, without bothering you with constant calculations of absorbed kilocalories. Weight loss is due to the fact that you limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, with an emphasis on protein foods. As you know, carbohydrates are a kind of fuel for the body, and without getting it, it begins to break down fats, and we are actively losing the accumulated kilograms. If you want to lose weight, then get ready to exclude from your diet vegetable and butter, mayonnaise, fat sour cream, cottage cheese. It is necessary to limit and salt intake, as it is known, it retains fluid in the body, which also affects weight. Under a strict ban all flour, all sweets, including fruit and juice from them, potatoes, cereals. Drink during the diet you need a half to two liters of carbonated water per day. The menu of the protein diet for weight loss can be very diverse! After all, allowed to use moreOne hundred types of products - meat, chicken, fish, milk and low-fat dairy products, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, except potatoes, beets, carrots. Under the ban, and all the legumes. You need to abstain from cheeses, smoked meats and alcohol. And how much of all the tasty you can cook! And here we will be happy to help you - in this section you will find many recipes for a protein diet for 10 days. With the help of these simple cooking dishes you will enjoy the food and at the same time lose weight. By the way, do not forget about those who have not yet made their choice in favor of one or another method of losing weight - leave feedback on the protein diet, share your experience.

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