Protein diet

The main advantage of such a diet is the absence of hunger, as well as the possibility of preparing various delicious dishes from foods with high protein content. Sample one-week protein diet menu:
First day: for breakfast 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese. Lunch: 2 boiled eggs. Lunch: zucchini zucchini, baked with 100 g of feta cheese, and broccoli cream soup. Snack: 100 ml drinking yogurt zero fat. Dinner: 150 g chicken fillet (can be replaced with turkey), grilled, with cranberry sauce.
Second day: 100 g of omelet for breakfast. Lunch: fresh vegetable salad seasoned with 1 tbsp. olive oil. Lunch: 150 g of steam fish and okroshka based on low-fat kefir (instead of sausage, use beef or turkey). Snack: 100 ml of yogurt zero fat. Dinner: a salad of raw vegetables and 150 g of beef, cooked on the grill.
Third day: for breakfast skim cottage cheese with lingonberries or blueberries - 100 g. Lunch: 1 boiled egg. Lunch: 200 g of stuffed pepper (replace the rice in the stuffing with vegetables, for example, cabbage). Safe,: salad from cabbage and cucumbers - 100 gDinner: beef, baked with garlic, - 100 g.
Fourth day: For breakfast 100 g of boiled chicken breast. Lunch: 1 fresh cucumber and 100 g of grilled fish. Lunch: vegetable soup without potatoes - 100 g. Snack: fresh tomato salad, seasoned with 1 tbsp. olive or flaxseed oil. Dinner: 100 g of any grilled vegetables and 150 g of beef with garlic.
Fifth day: for breakfast cottage cheese zero fat - 150 g. Lunch: 1 orange. Lunch: a salad of tomatoes, red peppers and lettuce, dressed with lemon juice and 100 g of soup. Snack: 100 g yogurt zero fat. Dinner: 150 grams of turkey meat stewed with broccoli or cauliflower.
Sixth day: for breakfast cook oatmeal on the water. Lunch: 100 g of cranberries or cranberries. Lunch: 100 g stewed eggplants and 150 g fish cooked on the grill. Lunch: yogurt zero fat without additives and sugar. Dinner: a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with 1 tbsp. Linseed or olive oil - 100 g and 150 g of steam beef.
Seventh day: skim cheese for breakfast - 150 g. Lunch: 1 egg, cooked "hard boiled". Lunch: 2 fresh tomatoes and 150 g of grilled skinless chicken. Snack: fresh grated carrots, seasoned with lemon juice.

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