Provence style kitchen interior

The unusual, cozy and homely kitchen interior in the Provence style is the dream of the majority of women who have their own dwelling, children and those who love to cook for the family. There are several distinctive features and features of creating such a design, including the choice of materials for the floor, ceiling and walls, furniture and kitchen appliances.

Nuance 1. Room color range

Country-style kitchen interior and Provence usually involves soft, muted colors. It can be light olive, blue, lavender, tender-turquoise, beige, milky and wheaten shades. Furniture and floor tiles are also made in light colors. A bright accent is created by using bright, but rare floral motifs on the walls, kitchen apron and dishes. An excellent choice of tiles with delicate flowers, fruits and herbs can be found on

Nuance 2. Furniture and materials

The style "Provence" involves the use of a large number of natural materials.If the furniture is made, then it is made of wood, if the floor is laid, then it is made of stone or modern porcelain stoneware. Tiles for the apron in the kitchen in the style of Provence are always ceramic, no plastic panels, even painted "under the tree." The area around the slab should be noticeable, so use beautiful, forged or designer hoods.

Nuance 3. The light in the kitchen in the style of Provence

There is one rule here - there should be a lot of light. The ideal option would be a huge window on the entire wall in the Mediterranean style. If we are talking about an apartment and there is no possibility to create large openings for the penetration of street light, you should think about purchasing wooden or metal chandeliers. The design of such lamps should be vegetable: with flowers and a lot of curlicues. The area above the work surface can be illuminated by hidden bulbs embedded in the bottom of the wall cabinets.

Nuance 4. Furnishings or how to choose furniture?

On all photos in the kitchen magazines in the style of Provence are furnished only with natural, wooden furniture in a classic style. No sharp corners and colored lockers.There is a trick here - it is better to first select the desired furniture, for example, rounded panels for dishes, stools and a table made of light wood, and then pick up the tile on the floor. Floor covering options are much more than kitchen sets. A large range of tiles is on the site of the store

Nuance 5. Decorative details and cute little things

The room should not only be light and clean, in such a place should be as comfortable and interesting as possible. It is difficult to imagine the design of the kitchen in the style of Provence without numerous figurines of animals and birds, pastel landscapes on the walls, knitted sidusches on stools and live spicy herbs on the window or in the work area. A large number of jars of spices, wicker baskets for storing vegetables and white utensils for tea drinking are also required.

Nuance 6. Curtains and pillows

If Provence was chosen as the style, there should be a large amount of natural fabrics in the interior of the kitchen. Linen and cotton curtains with handmade lace on the windows. They can be monophonic or in a small cell.On chairs, a sofa and stools there will necessarily be soft cushions with a ruche, made of a material with a floral pattern or hand-tied with bright, natural yarn.

Nuance 7. More Romance

Naturally, the kitchen, created in a bright, cozy Provence style, should be filled with the same mood. Cooking in such a room is best for healthy food, to avoid the appearance of tasteless, modern packs of convenience foods and junk food. In the Provencal style kitchen should reign calm and pleasant atmosphere, you can hang a cage with a live songbird.

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