Puppet Theater Mittens

A puppet theater in which fairytale heroes are made of mittens is a great way to diversify a holiday for kids or to give adults the opportunity to feel like children again. Below are instructions, following which you can make a hare and a chicken. Having shown a little imagination, you can make other characters according to the presented pattern. A doll mitten can be worn or decorated - everything is in your hands! Before you start, prepare the threads of the desired color, a variety of buttons, hook or knitting needles, scissors - in general, everything that you may need.
Puppet theater mittens
To begin with, tie an ordinary mitten - it will be the" torso "of our hero. You can knit and knit, and crochet - it does not play a big role. Think over the "anatomical details" of the character. Our hare, for example, has a bushy ponytail-bubonic, and a chicken has a comb, a red beak and wings. All this can be tied separately and sewed, or you can provide for making mittens.
 Puppet Theater for Mittens
The basis of the future doll is ready. Heroes are already quite recognizable, is not it? It's time to move on to the character's details. Our dolls need eyes (we make them from buttons of suitable size) and crocheted circles. The hare can not be left without long ears, which are tied separately and sewn to the mitten.  Puppet Theater Mittens
 Puppet theater of mittens
There can be a lot of details. Their number depends only on your desire and imagination. Our chicken boasts an openwork tail, a hare - a mouth-bead. Our characters are absolutely ready and can play at the theater right now! Soft, warm and bright pupae and ask for the handles of kids and adults! Now it will be possible to turn any fairy tale into life and play any scenario you like!
 Puppet Theater for Mittens

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