Pynzar changed her hair color and this time obviously guessed with a touch

Dasha has long been experimenting with hairstyle. At this time, subscribers were pleased with the choice of beauty.

Now Dasha Pynzar is the owner of the most fashionable haircut - a square length to the collarbone. She cut off her hair just a month ago, but on this beauty-experiment she decided not to finish. Now Dasha concentrated on working with hair color. Over the past year, we haven�t seen any shades on the head of Pynzar - from the classic rehydrated blond to pink caramel. What is this time?

�How do you like my hair color? As you can see, I went into a natural shade and darkened the roots with a shading, due to which a game of color appeared, �Daria told her followers. Many responded by scattering compliments: �Natural is great,� �I like very much what is natural,� �Dasha, everything goes to you!�. True, there were those to whom this color did not seem so natural: �Maybe the screen distorts, but the color seems somehow gray-green�, �In my opinion, it is ashy�, �I don�t see much change�.

Nov 16 2017 at 2:55 PST

Mostly the subscribers rated the result of all the latest Dasha�s experiments with hairs positively. Most of the fans of the blonde turned out to be a haircut and the refusal of hair extension, and the transition to a more natural shade was perceived as another step in the right direction on the way to the title of an icon of style. True, Daria just recently put her fashionable reputation in jeopardy, saying that she wants to get the same dress that Bella Hadid had put on shocked Cannes last year. Hayter shamed Pynzar for this desire and advised, given the status of the mother of two children, to behave more ambitiously. But, as always, there were those who stood up for Dasha, saying that "such a beauty has the right to show her forms."

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