Quick Valentine for Valentine's Day

We all remember how interesting it was to give and receive valentines at school. Personally, I always did them myself, it seemed to me that this way they would be more honest and pleasant. Today I will teach you to make a merry valentine yourself. It's very simple and interesting. What you will need for making: Colored paper of several colors. Scissors. Pencil. Needle with thread.
for making
First you need to draw a heart. It is difficult to make it even with the same sides, so it is better to use a template or transfer it from the monitor, as I did. She found her favorite heart on the Internet, attached a sheet to the monitor and turned the outline onto a sheet, then cut out the heart and drew all the others on it.
 draw a heart
Cut out blanks. I make two valentines,so I have four hearts - two for one valentine.
 cut out the heart
Write on the hearts of the message, they can be any.
write a wish
On the hearts that will be on the reverse side, we are writing a message that the heart needs to be broken. I wrote that, but you can make it more romantic, for example, by writing - Open your heart. Such a message will say that the heart must be broken, and that the person to whom you are giving a valentine will have to give you the answer.
will give you an answer
Cut out many small hearts.
 many small hearts
Take a needle and thread and sew the two halves of the heart.
 sew the two halves of the heart
Do not finish to the end, fill the heart with small hearts and sew up of the end.
fill the heart with small
It turns out these cute postcards with a message inside. If you are too lazy to stitch, you can glue the halves and draw the overlay with a pen or felt-tip pen.
 cute cards
To make a valentine more interesting and tasty, instead of paper hearts, you can stick little candies inside your postcard that your sweetheart loves.
Quick Valentine

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