Rails in a dream

Surely the rails of many of us are associated with infinity. And what do the rails foretell in a dream? Here is how different dream books interpret such a dream.

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What dreams rails
What dreams rails

Modern dream book

For the upcoming successful trip to the far side - that's what dreams about the rails. It is worth saving money for this trip.

Esoteric dream book

When in a dream you saw how the rails “run away”, there is a high risk that you can pass by something important and miss your chances of realizing your plans.

You walked along the rails - in fact, you have already deprived yourself of all the chances. You are unlikely to catch up with the time, and all attempts to realize anything will be unsuccessful.

When in a dream you sat on rails or saw a strike of workers on rails - it is useless to waste your time and energy.

You laid the track on the path in your dream - it means that in reality you are trying to pave the way for other people. You can hardly use the results of your activity.

Autumn dream

When you saw rails in a dream, it may mean that your paths with any person might diverge, so you should urgently change your tactics.

Dream Dream Thelomena

According to the dream book, the rails are interpreted as a harbinger of a future long road, which will require a lot of manpower and a lot of time.

Saw rails in a dream - save up money for a quick trip, which will bring you only success and good luck.

When in a dream the rails were of a deformed form, it means that it is better to postpone the planned trip until later, since it may not be very successful and threatens unpleasant events.

Also this dream book treats the dream with the rails like this: do not dwell on the standard approaches in doing business, since competitors are not asleep and are trying to get around you in every way.

Dreams of tram rails mean that you are an unprincipled person.

Dream Adaska

Wherever the rails turned in a dream, in reality you are doing everything right and you have chosen the path you need.

Freund's Dream

When in a dream you notice the tram tracks - in reality, you expect sex without receiving any pleasures.

Summer dream

You saw rails in a dream - you will have a not too long trip.

Spring dream book

The dreamed rails may foreshadow a change in life plans.

When you crossed the rails - then you chose your path correctly and move towards the achievement of the intended goal.

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