Plasticine rainbow caterpillar

In this master class, we will sculpt a seemingly ordinary caterpillar of plasticine balls, which even the smallest child can cope with, but due to the smooth transition of colors and a couple of small parts, the handicraft will come out extraordinary. We are starting to create a bright rainbow caterpillar of plasticine, radiating joy and happiness! As you can see in the photo, the caterpillar's body consists of seven pieces-balls. The first part is rolled from yellow plasticine, for the second part we mix yellow and orange, the third - pure orange, the fourth - a mixture of orange and red, the fifth - red, the sixth - red with blue (purple comes out), and finally, the seventh - pure purple . Each time, mixing between the two colors of clay, carefully and long knead the pieces so that they become uniform and solid. It looks more interesting when the balls are not of the same size, but each next one is slightly smaller than the previous one. We combine the parts into a single body and flex it beautifully.
For the legs we roll out a thin sausage of black color and cut the twelve sticks of the same length into a stack. We attach the legs to the body and round them at the ends. We do it as if the caterpillar is waving a hand.
 attach the paws of the caterpillar
We are engaged in a muzzle. The eyes are oblate balls of two colors, a smile is cut by the stack. The halves of a toothpick with plasticine balls are used as horns in the photo, but you can also replace them with thick wire.
 plasticine caterpillar is ready
That's all , the rainbow caterpillar of plasticine is ready! It remains only to find a suitable place for it. You can use a dried leaf, and if the season does not allow, then sculpt it from plasticine or cut out of paper.
plasticine caterpillar
 plasticine caterpillar

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