Rattan furniture is back in fashion

Until recently, it was possible to meet it mainly in country houses, but the current trends in housing arrangement have significantly changed the usual idea of ​​the "wicker". Today, the interiors of city apartments are increasingly seeing original furniture, for the manufacture of which rattan was used.

The secret of popularity

The return of fashion to the netting is due to the appearance in production of a new material - a rattan liana growing in the subtropical climate of Southeast Asia. Unlike bamboo or the usual willow vine, this plant has a smooth stem with an even diameter of almost the entire length (sometimes up to 200 meters!). According to leading designers and manufacturers, rattan is an order of magnitude more practical than willow vine fiber. In addition, it bends easily, and steam production allows the material to take on any desired look.

Taking care of rattan furniture is no problem for owners. The main condition is not to leave it under the influence of precipitation.Wicker products have excellent ergonomics: everyone has ever been seated on such sofas or chairs like a lightweight cushioning effect! Light and graceful forms can raise doubts about the durability of the braid. However, the natural material is characterized by enviable performance characteristics, incl. resistant to temperature and can withstand up to half a ton of weight. The average service life is similar to traditional furniture products - up to 30 years.

The sophistication of products made from this material is also recognized by buyers who seek to make their home comfortable. Natural wood has a noble texture, which, together with exquisite lines, brings real style and exclusivity to interior design. In addition to chairs and the usual rocking chairs in the range of manufacturers offered a whole suite for living rooms and bedrooms.

Natural or artificial?

If the netting is planned to be used outdoors (exposure to precipitation and direct sunlight), then it is better to choose artificial material. In other cases, natural wood will be preferable.The disadvantages of artificial rattan compared with the "original":

  • less strength (additional metal frame required)
  • lack of energy for which natural material is so appreciated.

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