Rebar Cutting Machine

Rebar Cutting Machine

Machines for cutting reinforcing billets are widely used in factories of reinforced concrete products, construction sites, workshops, reinforcement plants. This modern equipment appeared in our country quite recently. But many builders have already become fans of this technology. The machine for cutting reinforcement is used for cutting square, round, triangular and strip reinforcement, the strength of which can be up to 470 MPa.

Convenience is the key to success

The process of cutting rebar is very simple. With the help of a powerful electric motor, the working body of the wheelhouse machine is driven. The movable knife moves relative to the fixed knife. Thanks to the rocker mechanism, the rotational movements of the electric motor shaft are converted into reciprocating movements.

As a rule, this modern equipment can work for several hours without breaks. This is a very convenient feature.Some models can cut rebar in single or continuous cuts.

There are several types of this technique. But, despite this, all the machines for cutting reinforcement consist of such basic elements: an electric motor that is equipped with electrical equipment, a rocking mechanism, a strong metal casing and a drive mechanism.

Practically all cutting machines for cutting reinforcing plates can cut different metals that have different sizes and diameters.

All machine models are characterized by high productivity. They can work in the cold season at temperatures up to -30 degrees. But still, for better performance, it is not recommended to leave the equipment on the street. It is better to install it inside a factory or workshop. For good work, the machines must be in a room where the humidity should not exceed 80 percent. It is also worth protecting them from snow and rain.

Modern technology is easy and very easy to operate and install. It should be noted that only one machine can cut 15 reinforcement plates in one minute. Therefore, it is very important that this equipment is on the construction site.This will greatly simplify the work of the masters and save you time.

The control of equipment is very simple and convenient. Below is the pedal, when pressed, which starts the machine for cutting reinforcement.

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