Recipe for fluffy fritters on kefir

In the "Baking" section of any cookbook there must be at least one recipe for pancakes, because this dish is so popular in our country. It is perfect as a breakfast for the whole family, and also serves as an excellent dessert for tea. You can eat them with various additives: sour cream, condensed milk, jam, butter with sugar, variants of the mass for every taste. Pancakes made according to this recipe are always tasty and fluffy and are very easy to prepare. To make pancakes you need:
  • 2 cups of kefir.
  • A pair of eggs chicken.
  • Flour 250 grams.
  • Half a cup of sugar.
  • A little soda.
  • A little sunflower oil.
It is customary to take a variety of dairy products and even water as a basis for the test. But the most delicious pancakes are produced on kefir. You can use even slightly sour kefir, it will not only spoil the dish, but also make the pancakes more lush. The main rule is to cook from kefir at room temperature.After all, the dough, kneaded on a cold basis rises poorly. You can heat the base in a water bath or get the kefir in advance and bring it to a warm state. You should add two eggs to warm kefir and beat with a fork or a whisk.
The recipe for lavish pancakes on kefir
 The recipe for lavish pancakes on yogurt
Then add sugar, soda and flour sieved through a sieve.
The recipe for lavish pancakes on kefir
It is necessary to sift the flour, as it is saturated with oxygen and makes pancakes more airy. The dough must be mixed to a uniform consistency and let it brew for 20-30 minutes before the bubbles form.
 The recipe for lavish pancakes on kefir
 The recipe for lavish pancakes on kefir
After the dough has reached, in no case should you stir it. Frying pan with vegetable oil needs to be warmed up and spread carefully with a spoon. Lush Pancakes Recipe on kefir
Fritters should be fried over medium heat from two sides until golden brown is obtained.
 Lush Fritters Recipe for Kefir
Fluffy pancakes are ready.
 The recipe for fluffy fritters on kefir
Bon appetit!

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