Recipes for the Dukan Diet

The books of the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan are sold in millions of copies, the fans of his system are stars and politicians. And this is not surprising. If you stick to a diet, in just 10 days you can lose about 6 kilograms. And it does not need to starve. The main thing to go through all four stages of the Dukan diet, in order not only to lose weight, but also to consolidate the weight, not allowing the initial figures to return. The general rule of this food system: all products according to the menu of the Dukan diet should be cooked without fat, oil and with a minimum amount of salt. But you can use them at any time of the day and without restrictions. And you should definitely eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran a day and drink plenty of pure water to help the kidneys remove degradation products of protein. So, the Dukan diet consists of four stages. Perhaps the most difficult is the first phase - “Attack”, but it is also the shortest. Adhere to this phase can be no more than 10 days. If your excess weight is up to 5 kg, you will have to go through just 1-2 days of “Attack”.These days you need to eat only protein foods in various forms, eat bran and drink water / tea. The second stage - Alternation. The main phase, as you feed on it, until you reach your ideal weight. During this period, you can add vegetables to meat, jelly and other proteins. And then alternate protein and protein-vegetable days. The third stage of the Dukan diet - Consolidation. You are slowly adding new products, but so as not to return the dumped kg. The goal is to fix the result. This phase is also quite long - 10 days of the third phase is given for every kilogram lost. If you lost 10 kg, it means that you have to stick to the “Consolidation” phase for 100 days to consolidate the result. The good news is that at this stage you can start eating pasta, fruit and other goodies. The main thing is in moderation. The fourth stage is Stabilization (Binding). You are returning to your normal life, but in a new, built body. So that the extra kilos will not cause you any more trouble, arrange a fasting - protein day every week. It always seems that any restriction is difficult. But plus the Dyukan diet - you do not go hungry, and there are so many permitted products that you can make a full and varied menu.So that you do not waste time on inventing dishes that will help you lose weight, Woman's Day collected original recipes for low-calorie dishes from Dr. Dukan himself and from the fans of his nutrition system. There are even recipes for desserts, from which they do not get fat!

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