Recommendations for cleaning furniture made of genuine leather

Expensive items require quality care so that they serve you for a long time. Most people treat expensive furniture with the same trepidation as they do for themselves. Currently, Italian furniture in Moscow is sold in many furniture stores. Naturally, when using furniture, traces of our rest and leisure remain on it. But so that the furniture does not lose its attractive appearance it is necessary to properly care for it. View the catalogs of Italian furniture for the living room in the classic can be on the Internet - resources.

Recommendations for the care of leather furniture:

  • Solvents and leather are incompatible concepts. Never clean leather products with any solvents (wax, cream, etc.);

  • To remove fatty spots from the skin, you need to use absorbent paper and remove grease from the surface of the product. Then you need to clean the surface with a cloth soaked in water and neutral soap.After this product can be dried with another clean and dry cloth;

  • For cleaning stains from a liquid substance, you must use a cloth soaked in water. This method is suitable for cleaning spilled tea or juice. After cleaning, it is necessary to dry the surface with a dry clean cloth;

  • If it is necessary to remove dry dirt, remember that it is absolutely impossible to rub dirt on the upholstery fabric. To remove, use a soft bristled brush and gently remove dirt to avoid damaging the surface.

Main conditions of use of furniture:

  • For normal use, the room where the furniture is located should be periodically aired. The air temperature should be within +2 - +40 degrees Celsius. Humidity in the room should vary between 40 and 70%. It is under such conditions that furniture for a long time to preserve its appearance and properties;

  • Furniture should not be installed at a distance of more than 1 m from a heat source (battery, heater);

  • Direct sunlight is not recommended for furniture. Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause discoloration and texture of the product;

  • Furniture does not like water, so do not put it close to water, and allow splashes to fall on it;

  • Metal frames should be wiped with a cloth made of suede or plush;

  • Glass mirrors and surfaces require more careful and accurate care. Stains from such surfaces are removed with cotton napkins. For more thorough cleaning, the cloth can be moistened with a special agent for cleaning windows and mirrors. Such surfaces must be protected from shocks and sharp objects.

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