Rejuvenating ice cubes for oily and normal skin

It often happens that a woman’s face, as in a mirror, reflects fatigue, discontent with something that has accumulated problems. The skin of the face gives out age, and so it would be desirable, that she looked young, shining and elastic. Every woman has her own personal care secrets. One of these miraculous methods are ice cubes. This magic tool will help, without expensive salon procedures, to restore the skin's elasticity, smoothness and natural glow. Why does ordinary ice act more efficiently than water? The explanation is simple: low temperature favorably affects the condition of the skin. Meltwater has medicinal qualities, quickly absorbed at the cellular level. And with the liquid absorbed and the substances that are added to the composition of the ice. For normal skin perfectly suited frozen chamomile decoction.These wonderful field inhabitants are famous for their unpretentious beauty and draw lovers to tell fortunes. But beyond that, flowers have soothing and toning properties. They normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, soften the skin and protect it from the adverse effects of natural and environmental factors. If skin problems, which are prone to acne and acne, you can use ice cubes with calendula infusion. Amazing bright flowers growing in many summer cottages have many useful and healing properties. One of them is skin cleansing and relieving inflammation. Prepared herbal tea (chamomile and marigold) in this way: for a glass of boiling water, you need to take two large spoons of the desired collection (two filter packs), allow the mixture to stand for an hour, then cool and drain. After this, the infusion is poured into molds and frozen. It should be noted that water is better to use mineral non-carbonated. This will enhance the effect. Stored cubes "with filling" no longer than five days. For making ice "fresheners" of the face, any vegetable and fruit juices are also excellent.For oily skin, you can try a citrus cocktail: a mixture of lemon and orange juice (half of the total). If you regularly wipe your face with ice cubes in the mornings and an hour before going to bed, your face will swell and your face will smooth taut and shining. Ice massage should continue until tingling, about two minutes, no more. And it should be remembered that after the procedure it is desirable to let the person dry, do not need to wipe it. After some time (about fifteen minutes) you can apply a moisturizing cream. Such a simple, but proven and truly effective means is indispensable for rejuvenating and toning the skin at home. Ice "wizards", truly, work wonders, helping women regain confidence and wonderful mood!
 cubes for oily and normal skin
cubes for oily and normal skin
 cubes for oily and normal thskin
 cubes for oily and normal skin

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