Olga Kraynova
Relationship expert

Olga Kraynova - a writer, TV presenter, founder of the school of female wisdom.

The author of 10 unique training programs aimed at helping women in solving family problems and young girls who intend to start a family.

Olga Kraynova not only tells where to find a husband, but also how to build healthy relationships and create a strong family for many years. The effectiveness of the courses is regularly confirmed by happy graduates of the “Good Wife” school. The main mission of Olga and the school she leads is the revival of traditional family values. Particular attention is paid to the lessons of etiquette and behavior in society. After all, when a girl comes out, especially in the company of a successful man, she needs to have all the necessary knowledge to be at her best.

Especially for young people who wander on the Internet in search of useful advice, Olga Kraynova launched. For three minutes, she clearly shows and tells what mistakes girls often make, being in public places and how to behave, especially in the society of a man.

How to save a family and prevent the appearance of "third parties" Olga Kraynova tells in detail in her How to smoke a mistress from the life of her husband, who has become a bestseller and has received wide publicity in the blogosphere. For those who seek easy life, Olga also prepared a decent answer. It appeared,which went out on the channel "BUSINESS". Olga Kraynova invited to the air extremely successful businessmen and show businessmen to ask which girls they would marry, and which they never marry. So the teletherientes received reliable information first-hand from a competent speaker. In addition, Olga Kraynova herself is the wife of a successful entrepreneur and, turning in circles where many only dream of getting into, knows what successful men need and developed her own formula for success, which is divided into courses in the “Good Wife” school of female wisdom.


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I am 33 years old.

Mom 2 princesses!

was 2 times for her husband, now happy with the girls dad. But now, due to the nature, something is repeated from which she ran in previous relationships — aggressively repressing, and sometimes I humiliate my loved one


I ask for advice, not conviction ..

My husband and I are a young family, married for the second year and it so happened that we live with a mother-in-law. I, the husband, the younger brother of the husband, the father-in-law and the mother-in-law in her three-room apartment. In the cramped, but not mad, I thought, but I was wrong ...


They settled down with the MCH for 8 years, he left, already 3 months have passed. The first time communicated with aggression. After a while, I stopped communicating with him, but I discovered his things in myself. I wrote that I found things. He called, said that he was near, he was coming soon.


I met a young man, he treated me very well, it was obvious that I was not indifferent to him.


Hello. We communicate with a colleague for 3 months, we met at work 10 times a time this time, we also communicate by telephone, but rarely. We mostly call each other on work issues, but then the conversation turns to personal topics. The guy flirts, flirts.


Hello, help to understand my problem (

My wife and I have been married for 4 years; we have a daughter, she is 3.7 years old.


I had a perfect relationship, the perfect guy who did everything for me. Years of disappointment in the past, and he ... the exact opposite, noble, intelligent, well-mannered, successful and damn good-looking, I was happy with him.


Please, help! Subject banal and probably already hackneyed, but still. Met a guy 6 years old, he is my first man and so on. I thought that he was about to make me an offer.


3 years lived together, love! After 2 years I asked about future plans, explained that I love, I need time, I am not ready to marry. To live is ready - there is no marriage. Another year has passed. The answer was the same, maybe in a year or two he gets married. I loving left him.


Good afternoon. There was an unpleasant situation. My first kiss happened surprisingly late, and we were drunk. There are no serious feelings for the guy, we communicate not so long, there was just a fleeting sympathy. He is a guy with experience, as far as I understood.

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