Remove flammable gas from water

The model is completely based on the Hillary Eldridge patent, USA 603,058" Electrical Retort "submitted April 26, 1898.

Combustible gas is produced by an electric arc produced by graphite rods immersed in distilled, drinking, saline or another type of water, which essentially consists of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other substances.

The generator produces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (COH2), which burns very cleanly with oxygen ozduha and can be used as fuel for an internal combustion engine. During the combustion of COH2, carbon dioxide and water vapor are formed, so the pollution of the environment is extremely low.

Gas analysis conducted by NASA: Hydrogen 46.483%

Carbon dioxide9.329


Ethane 0.005





Carbon Monoxide 38.370


>p>This simple experiment is intended solely for proof of the basic concept. This generator can not be used for long-term use, and is only for demonstration.

You will need some materials, the generator is very simple to build and check ....

Be careful, the generator produces explosive gas,you are required to conduct this experiment in a well-ventilated room or in the open the air. You should not smoke during the experience .. Do not forget that carbon monoxide gas (CO) is very poisonous, do not inhale it! The experiment is intended for experienced users only.The experimenter must be very careful during the experience!Experiments are carried out by you at your own peril and risk. I do not assume any responsibility for everything that can happen if you use this information incorrectly.

You only need:

- A small plastic bottle of soda water,

- two graphite rods (70 mm length,6 mm diameter)

- one 1 ohm 50Watts resistor

- A DC transformer that is able to provide 35v / 10A

- wires, connectors and silicon cement, or any other waterproof composition.

You need very few materials .....

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