Repair in an apartment: how to remove old paint

When deciding to make cosmetic or major repairs to the premises, many owners are faced with the need to replace the window units. But it is not always possible to change good wooden windows to a more modern version of PVC. In this case, thecoloring, which is capable of changing the old framesbeyond recognition, is the ideal solution. How to quickly remove old paint?

How to quickly remove old paint

It is also often the case that you want to remove the old paintfrom the walls, radiators or ceiling. The specialists ofRemengstroyremind us that these works also provide for a very laborious and complex process of surface cleaning.

In most cases, all attempts to independently perform this manipulation end very badly. After all, the owner lacks the necessary knowledge and experience, as well as professional means for removing paintwork.

Modern manufacturers offer a tool for removing paint, but such compounds are very toxic and working with them requires a certain skill and the availability of protective equipment.

Professional surface cleaning methods

Among the most popular and effective methods that experts use can be reliably attributed:

  • Spatula. This method is effective with a small surface area and a weak attachment of paint. In other cases, the risk of damage to the integrity of the surface of the plaster and the need for additional work to restore it.

  • Shabber. Electric tool, the principle of operation of which is similar to working with a spatula.

  • USMusing a diamond nozzle. A great way to remove old paint from large surfaces.

  • Thermal method. Removal of the old paint is carried out using a blowtorch or a construction hair dryer. The basismechanism of action put the heating of the paint and varnish to high temperatures and its subsequent removal using a scraper or spatula.

  • Chemical method. How to remove old paint from the surface using different chemical compounds? This requires professional personal protective equipment and long-term skill.

Specialists decide on what can be removed from the old paint in each case. And it directly depends on thesurface areato be cleaned andstabilityof the paintwork.

than you can remove the old paint

Professionals remind you that removing old paint requirescareful approach, as well asmaximum care. After all, the use of both thermal and mechanical methods for cleaning the surface is associated with a risk to the person. And the use of different washes can not only cause poisoning in the absence of personal protective equipment, but also lead to a burn of the mucous membranes.

It is the complexity of this manipulation that makes many owners want to entrust this work to professionals. Indeed, in this case, the owner receives a surface completely cleared of old paint, which can easily be used to create new and stylish interiors.

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