Repair of a small apartment

Not everyone becomes the happy owner of a large spacious multi-room apartment, some live in small apartments. It is possible to execute and change the interior in a small apartment, and it is not necessary to break the walls. You can, of course, break the walls, build new ones, expand the space, but not everyone will take it. Redevelopment is a complex process that cannot be handled on its own, which means that you will have to contact a construction company and spend a decent amount. In addition, you will have to run around in different organizations and collect a bunch of papers to get permission for the desired redevelopment. If you charge this business to a repair company, it will also be expensive. In this article we will talk about how you can rationally plan an apartment so as not to break the walls.

First, make a plan of the apartment in the form in which it is now with all the furniture. Take measurements of all rooms and rooms, mark on the plan all the wrong angles, niches, protrusions.Calculate the area of ​​walls, ceiling, windows and window sills. Then draw a flat plan on graph paper at a certain scale. At the same time you need to specify all sizes. External and internal walls are better to draw with different lines. Do not be lazy in drawing up such a plan, it will be useful to you in drawing up options for redevelopment, the plan will help you to repair the apartments accurately and correctly. Furniture also needs to be measured and applied to the plan. And in the figure, the furniture looks like from above, and the lighting devices are marked with crosses.

If you have a design program, you can make it the size you need, draw a plan and you will receive a three-dimensional image of the desired layout, as well as the ability to move furniture and see the result. If you are not familiar with such programs, but want to try, purchase simple programs, such as House Beautiful, for starters. Well study the program and start creating a new interior.

If it’s not possible to use the program, there are other ways to experiment with furniture placement. You can cut the conventionally drawn furniture from cardboard, respecting the size of the scale that you set for the plan.Such furniture can be arranged, moved and choose the best option. And you can just draw furniture on the plan and see what happens. Most importantly, plan everything before you begin apartment renovation, in order to accomplish the main work, to clearly present what should turn out. Opportunities to change your mind and redo you will not have, or it will cost additional costs.

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