Representative pen: a necessity or a waste of money

Pens of the executive class are used by large businessmen and top managers of large corporations. In expensive cabinets decorated with wood, it would be strange to sign an agreement with a ballpoint pen. For this there are Parker pens. Or other expensive top-end pens.

When the executive pen is in place

A feature of any representative pens is that their performance of the “direct” function of the pen is in fact secondary. Most Parker pens no one has written to the end. The representative pen is the décor element of the cabinet that corresponds to its level. At the visitor's entrance to such a premise, each detail must indicate the owner's status. Any annoying little thing, even if not a status pen, can affect reputation.

The Parker pen is a great gift, and you can give it as a businessperson or a politician who has already taken place, as well as to those who are just rushing to the heights.This gift symbolizes the pursuit of high social status, the level of ambition of the person to whom such a gift is made. And, of course, such a gift will be pleasant and will be remembered for a long time.

And when - not on your own

But with such things as the Parker pen, it’s very easy to do not by status. This is certainly an expensive thing, but, like a executive class phone, it is not so expensive that, with a strong desire, almost anyone could buy a cheap copy of it.

It happens that a mid-sized businessman buys a copy of Parker and puts it in a prominent place in his dilapidated and unattractive office, to make repairs in which there is no money. In this case, the purchase of a fake is nothing more than a dust in the eyes of a potential partner, a demonstration of oneself by what one person is not really. This discrepancy will immediately become noticeable, and the owner will look ridiculous. Therefore, if you were symbolically presented with a Parker pen, and you do not yet have an office where it will look in its place, hide it away and make it your talisman. Get into the minutes when it seems that everything is not going the way you want, and remember what you want to achieve.And then one day this pen will take place in the office that it deserves.

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