Restaurant menu from Pierre Ducan: recipes

Calf cheeks with pumpkin puree and crispy onions

Calf cheeks with pumpkin puree and crispy onions
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You will need:

· Veal cheeks - 300 g

· Pumpkin - 200 g

· Carrots - 100 g

· Turnip - 100 g

· Vegetable oil - a teaspoon

· Pepper rose - 1 g

· Greens - 1 g


· Boil the calf cheeks on low heat until softened. Drain the broth and evaporate to a viscosity.

· Simmer onions, carrots and pumpkin over low heat.

· Pour the vegetables with a small amount of water and cook until softened. Punch the finished vegetables with a blender.

· Put the vegetable puree on the plate, cheek on top, pour a viscous broth sauce, decorate with greens, rose pepper and onions scalded with boiling water.

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