Roof gable of OSB Slabs

Now we will talk about how using OSB plates you can make a light and simple gable roof of a house. And so, since you asked yourself this question, how and from where to make franton. Let's start with the beginning we will bring out all the pros and cons. - OSB Plates are Easy. - Secondly Long last forever. - Thirdly Available. - Fourthly Easy installation - And finally - then in the fifth Esthetic. Well, and from the minuses: - Fire is dangerous - And ... yes, probably everything ... Getting to work.
How to sheathe OSB Plates
 How to trim OSB slabs
 How to trim OSB Plates
 How to sheat OSB Plate
How to sheathe OSB Slabs
You can fix the OSB on a wooden base with screws on wood and not complicated electrical tools. The electric tools we need are a screwdriver, a jig saw, a drill, a gun with silicone (for sealing joints, seams).Before you cut, do not forget to measure a hundred times once! Cut it out! But do not forget that for any high-altitude work we will need the help of at least one assistant. Which is not only able to hold elements of the gable, but also to hedge on the forests. So we started talking about forests, the forests may be completely different for everyone. This can be as in my case "Wooden corners" backed up with the appropriate racks as seen in the photos. We must remember the size of the OSB Plate! In order to install the guides vertically in the center of the slab and calculate the edges by 2.5 cm. Standard sizes and which I used are OSB moisture resistant 9 mm 2440 - 1220. OSB slab is leaned with a smooth side to the wooden bar guides 5 by 5 and fix the screws on a distance of 15 - 25 cm, from each other it is important because there should be no gap between the plate and the guide. If you leave a gap between the plate and the guide, over time, the plate may become deformed from all possible external influences. After you finish working with OSB, you can make a siding trim on top of it. But more about that in a separate topic.

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