Rope Flower Basket

Flower basket of rope- a master class, how to make your own hands a wonderful floral basket, for example, to decorate a wedding, a holiday or just for decorating a house.

Materials and tools:

  1. a cardboard (or plastic) pipe of the required diameter, preferably with a bottom
  2. thick rope (twine);
  3. scissors;
  4. glue gun.

Step 1

Take a cardboard (or plastic) pipe and cut off its required height. Then use fine sandpaper to lightly process the edges.

Step 2

Take the base of the basket, apply a strip of glue at the bottom with a hot-melt glue gun. We begin to wind the rope on the base, tightly laying the turn to the turn. Approximately in the middle we will apply another strip of glue to fix the rope on the base. When there will be 1-2 turns to the end, we will put a strip of glue, we fix a rope, we will make 1-2 turns and we will cut off a rope (it we will stick then).

Cut 2 pieces of the required length from the rope - these will be the basket handles. Now glue the glue gun handles to the base.Now we will put more glue on the base and glue the 2 turns left, carefully sticking the end of the rope to the base.

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