Rudova in a bathing suit was convicted of body hair

Haters again carped at the actress.

As with any star, except for the faithful fans, Natalia Rudova has antiphants, who scrupulously look for flaws in every new photo of the beauty. And on the beach picture they finally found, for which they criticize Natasha. And the thing is that in the hands of celebrities blond hair is noticeable.

Photo: @rudovanata

"Hair on hands", "It would be possible to make an epilation", - some commentators under the photo began to write. “I don’t understand those who are trying to find any flaws in a person all the time,” others began to object. And indeed, it is foolish to demand from Rudova (and indeed from any girl) that she be like a perfect Barbie doll. All the more light down doesn’t diminish the beauty of Natalia.

By the way, the actress in this sense is far from many stars who, either because of forgetfulness, or because of the love of bodypositive, do not consider it necessary to do epilation. And there are many!

The most successful and beautiful model of RussiaNatalya Vodyanovaonce shocked everyone with her way out. At one of the events, Natalya came in a dress with a high one with a cut in her leg, which in fact showed both legs of the model. It was on that day that Vodianova decided that no one would notice her abundant vegetation.

Star of the series "The Big Bang Theory" and an ardent feministMayim BialikMore than once in his interviews she said that she never shaves body hair. “If no one told the girls to shave, would they do it? If we changed the idea of ​​our naturalness and body hair, would someone take them out monthly, weekly and daily? ”- this speech makes us think.

ModelParis Jacksonlong ago established a reputation as a body positivist. That's just her direction - unshaven legs. The star has been practicing walking with hairy shins and armpits for a long time and is not afraid of the attacks of its subscribers, who every time advise her to go for epilation. gathered stars in one photo gallery, which, unlike Natalia Rudova, would really do well to go to the salon or at least use a regular razor.

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