Crochet rugs, replenish the collection! Interesting models, diagrams and descriptions!

Knitted rugs - sounds amazing, but the products turn out to be very funny and attractive. For example, the independent embodiment of a knitted product on the floor helps to solve the problem with the lack of a mat that is suitable for the room design. Such knitted products advantageously and comfortably look in bathrooms and children's rooms. Moreover, the advantages of knitting a floor mat include the opportunity to get rid of old things - T-shirts, knitted dresses and just pieces of already useless fabric. Old curtains in skilled hands can quickly turn into cozy rugs of figurative motives.

If you become fired with a desire to tie a rug, you should know that a denser cloth is produced using crochet hooks. To learn how to knit crochets by yourself, a complete instruction of some models for beginner needlewomen and for experienced craftsmen is offered. Learn, dream, embody!

About yarn

It is necessary to cite several recommendations of specialists in their choice of yarn. In order for the product to last long and retain its original appearance, synthetic yarns should be preferred - this is the famous acrylic, but you can also use natural cotton (although it will not keep the heat).

It is also necessary to clarify that for crochet crochet crochets it is better to use thicker threads - this will make it possible to embody a thicker fabric, which is not inferior in preserving the heat of standard fleecy products. For thicker thread, hooks with No. 5-8 will do. Determine the size of the canvas easily - it is recommended to tie the sample square 10x10 cm from the selected yarn, iron it or wash it and dry it. In the finished sample, measure the resulting dimensions and determine the required number of loops for further knitting.

For knitting, you can use any napkin scheme - the manifestation of fantasy will make an excellent design version of a simple model.

Starter Models

If earlier your crochet was limited to simple scarves or shoes, then you are advised to start implementing more useful things with a simple model. There are several models of simple crocheted rugs with diagrams and descriptions.

Square or rectangle

For a start it is recommended to use a simple form of a rug - it is a square or a rectangle. They can be connected with a single cloth or using knitting techniques with motifs - assembling motifs and determines the final result and design. The following selection of rugs and diagrams for their implementation:

1. A simple rectangular rug, connected by single crochets with alternating colors. At the end, the fabric is simply tied with a number of non-crocheted columns, and tassels are made with the same threads that were used for knitting.

A track of yarn remains is connected in a similar way - here both melange and monophonic threads are used. The tracks look attractive in the hallways - right at the entrance, that home and several “rustic” coziness is created.

2. Rectangular crocheted rugs can be created from simple squares of different colors, which are then simply stitched with a needle. It is also an excellent product model for beginners, which even experienced craftswomen can use in the case of operational knitting.

3. Crochet rug with crochet stitches.Individuality and attractiveness is represented by a change of color in a diagonal and “ladder” sequence. Such products fit perfectly in children's rooms.

4. Rugs motifs in the technique of "grandmother's square" - these simple squares with the replacement of the thread of different colors with the manifestation of fantasy turn into unique and designer things. To make crocheted rugs in the presented technique, the following is a scheme for knitting.

For beginners, there is a huge number of models of rectangular or square products - it is only important to choose a model in accordance with the design of the room.

Round mats

Round crocheted rugs look great in the bedrooms near the beds. You can also embody a designer model for the kitchen - this is convenient in order to maintain cleanliness in the room (you can regularly wash products without fear of fading and deterioration). Round mats can be divided into two types - solid and openwork.

Solid rugs of a round shape are the knitting of a circle with a simpler pattern, as a result of which the canvas is continuous and rational for its intended use.Here you can also distinguish two subspecies - knitting with simple stitches with crochet or knitting of cones. It turns out two completely different options.

Simple canvases with bollards are represented by the following selection of products and diagrams with a description.

Rugs with cones are more suitable in children's rooms, as well as living rooms, because they are textured and retain heat longer. The following selection of schemes is proposed.

Now we should talk about openwork rugs, which look more like an advantageous design solution. They are easy to embody, if you have previously already connected openwork napkins other similar products. To knit rugs, use the following schemes.

Oval rugs

Oval crochets are crocheted in elongated rooms, as well as in living rooms, where coverage is needed in the recreation area. For knitting, you can use the following selection of schemes.


Knitted T-shirts are often accumulated in huge quantities - it is a pity to throw it away, but they are no longer suitable for further wear, well, or just tired. To get rid of the stock of jersey T-shirts, women's tunics and other things, you can resort to knitting rugs.To do this, old things are simply cut into thin strips and tied together in a long thread.

For knitting rugs crocheted T-shirts, you can use any of the above scheme. In the absence of a large amount of household material, you can purchase a special knitting thread. Sometimes craftswomen simply acquire a knitted fabric that is suitable in color and cuts it into thin strips - an interesting and very economical design solution is obtained.

The following is a selection of designer rugs from T-shirts, as well as detailed instructions on how to make a long thread from a small piece of fabric.

Japanese crochet crochet

Japanese rugs only look difficult on the outside, but after careful analysis of the crochet technique, it turns out that this is a usual knitting of hollow circles, which are connected in a certain sequence. For a simpler version, it is sufficient to use a model of 4 circles, which were subsequently "filled" with a canvas of columns with crochets.

You can also resort to knitting such a carpet — a simple circle is knitted in the middle with a crochet hook, and then a chain of hollow circles characteristic of the Japanese motive is stitched to it, connected in turn by a standard weave.The chain can be attached with a needle and thread - it is only important to constantly try on the chain length to a predetermined initially middle circle.

For experienced craftswomen

Skilled craftswomen can choose more complex patterns and variations for crocheting the product, where most of the technicians use the knotting poles difficult for them. It should also be noted the compatibility of complex patterns - pineapples are connected with cones, and cones with floral motifs and so on. But to submit a few models for self-crocheting rugs still should be.

Rug based on napkins "Grand"

You can easily make carpets from crochet napkin schemes, and here, if necessary, you can increase the size of the future canvas by combining or “wedging” several rows in certain patterns. Here and the napkin "Pineapple Song" promoted skilled craftswomen to knitting on the basis of the existing pattern of rug, called "Grand." The new model fits perfectly into the interior design of Provence, Rococo, Baroque, Classicism, more luxurious Gothic style or Empire. There is nothing difficult in his knitting - the main thing is to use the following description schemes:

Dial 8 air loops and close the chain into a ring. Next, continue knitting pattern 1.If necessary, you can increase the diameter by repeating the last few rows.

Next, go to the scheme of knitting 2 - here you can also increase the size of the carpet, adding a third row of petals over pineapples.

At the end of the work, go to Scheme 3 - this will allow you to finish the carpet smoothly and with texture.

For the edging scheme 4 is used, consisting of air loops and pico.

The presented model is recommended for independent execution in white color, but, if necessary, the more attractive colors of the thread, which are suitable for the color scheme of the room, are also taken into account. The finished mat is just soaked in cool water and laid out on the fabric - you can immediately on the floor until it is completely dry.

Package mats

Rugs from the packages are knitted in the same technique as from T-shirts and knitted fabrics. Here you will also need to cut long strips out of the packets and use a simpler crochet rug for knitting a rug. It is not recommended to resort to the use of an openwork pattern, because the joints of the batch yarns may become available to the public.

Of course, the rugs of the packages are not used everywhere - they can be laid in the country, because such an application will eliminate the hassle of cleaning the room from dirt and garden land. But skillful needlewomen easily apply batch threads for knitting a rug in the hallway of the apartment - this is both comfortable and stylish. Below is a complete video of the master class of knitting a similar product.

Children's variations rugs

Children prefer their own rooms with appropriate furnishings - everything should be bright and fabulous. Therefore, the task of parents is to account for every detail. If earlier you did not take care of purchasing furniture or textiles for a children's room with the appropriate prints, today you can easily fix the situation:

  • First, get curtains with a children's drawing in the child’s room.
  • Secondly, replace the existing dark blanket on the bed with a bright children's option.
  • Third, tie the rug! But not simple, but special - in the form of an animal.

Do you think knitting rugs in the form of animals is a difficult occupation? Not at all - only circles, ovals, squares, hexahedrons, rectangles and other related figures are correctly assembled into a single composition.

For example, you can make out the knitting of a simple rug in the form of bears:

  • Tie a bear face - a simple circle of a suitable size of gray shade;
  • ears of a bear - 2 semicircles of white and gray color;
  • the bear's nose is a white circle, and the triangle is carved from black suede (later it is sewn);
  • bear cheeks - 2 pink circles;
  • eyelashes - 2 pieces of suede, which later also sewn in the designated places.

Bathroom mats

A crocheted bath mat can be a key point in the whole design. So, a set of rug in the toilet, in the bathroom, “seat” on the toilet and “organizer” for toilet paper can overshadow an expensive tile or a super-functional bathroom. Moreover, such knitted bath mats and toilet mats are a great gift for a housewarming party. The following are the most interesting knitted rugs crocheted into the bathroom and toilet.


Knitted rug for the bathroom can be made in the form of a whale, which is knitted quite simply:

Knitting begins in a circle - it is the body of the whale.

Having tied up to the right size, they begin to loosen the tail, where the fins are simple and standard schemes for tying pineapples.

Then you can begin to tie the harness from half-rows of fan-shaped rapports. It is better to do this before knitting the tail - this will eliminate the need to constantly turn over the already bulky canvas.

At the end fin finishes - this is the same standard pineapple pattern.

Complete the knitting of the whale by tying and attaching the eye, as well as the lines of the waterfowl mouth. You can separately make a whale bow and a spray - let it be soft and cute.


Quite an interesting option - this knitted rug in the bathroom crocheted owl. Such products attract craftswomen with their extraordinary design, especially if a whole set is knitted, as well as with simplicity of embodiment. Here it is necessary to adhere to the following sequence:

To begin with, choose a more appropriate scheme for knitting the owl's body - the body is knitted in the form of a pineapple, where simple and standard schemes are used.

Next, resort to tying the resulting pineapple to the required size of the rug or other part of the kit.

At the end, the eyes of an owl are loosened - these are two circles joined together in the last row.The united eyes are tied up, at the same time tying up the ears of an owl.

All the details connect and it turns out an owl. It is easy to knit a knitted rug into the bathroom of an owl - the video with a detailed master class proves this unconditionally.

You can use a slightly different version of knitting owls for the toilet and bathroom. Also provides a complete scheme for knitting.

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