Rules for washing down jackets

Pooh is a unique material. Producers of synthetics have not managed to invent an analogue approaching it in terms of properties, so the collection of material for down jackets is done in the same way as it was many decades ago - powder after powder, each weighing from 0.001 to 0.002 grams. You can weigh your down jacket to at least roughly imagine how many downy “snowflakes” make up its filling. And each of them should, after washing, restore its original form so that the down jacket does not lose its qualities, allowing it to retain heat even in the most severe frosts. And you should have the greatest possible impact.
A down jacket for washing needs as much water and space as possible. Therefore, never put it in a washing machine along with other things, provide him with an “individual washing session”. If you decide to cope with this difficult process manually, you will need a very large capacity, preferably a bath.Also of great importance is the choice of detergent. If you were able to find in the sale of a product for washing fluff - ideally, if not, you can pay attention to the care of children's clothing. You can use the adult "powder" with the inscription sensitiv. The word powder is in quotation marks here, because loose mixes for washing do not fully dissolve in water, it is very difficult to wash them out of the dense fabric of the jacket, and after drying they will appear on the fabric in the form of whitish spots. To avoid this, the powder is better to prefer the gel. And the choice of baby products or products intended for sensitive skin is explained by the fact that manufacturers do not add fabric softeners to these products, which act on ordinary materials as they should be, but the fluff under their influence will irreversibly stick together.
Wash down jacket like a regular jacket, gently at a temperature no higher than 40 ° C, be sure to add an additional rinse cycle to the program. It would be nice if at the end of all the cycles you skip a down jacket through another one or two rinses. Do not forget about spinning. No need to be afraid of high revolutions, the fluff is not as fragile as it may seem at first glance. And the more carefully it is pressed, the easier it will be to dry it later.When washing by hand, the same rules apply: gentle washing, thorough rinsing, good spin.
It is best to dry the down jacket in a special dryer. Even if you are not its owner, try to find an opportunity to do it: ask around friends, ask if you have laundries in the area that allow you to use drying units for a small fee. Believe me, it's worth it. But you can’t just throw a down jacket in the machine and wait for it to dry out somehow. Drying of the down jacket is not so much the removal of water from the tissues, as in the constant whipping of the fluff, so that the fluffs have the opportunity to accept their original state, to finish in all directions. Therefore, put a few heavy balls in the drum with your jacket. If you do not have a special balls for the dryer, you can use ordinary tennis. They, constantly rolling, will beat the down and return the down jacket to its former shape.If one drying cycle did not help to achieve the ideal result, you can start the second one, and after it, the down jacket will definitely become dry and light.
But what about those who could not find a drying machine? There is only one option left - to dry a down jacket in the open air. Best of all, if you manage to place the jacket in a warm, blown place. In this case, it is necessary almost every hour to approach and thoroughly shake things up with your hands, disassembling possible stuck together areas. Such drying will take a lot of time - sometimes it can take up to 2-3 days, but if you don’t be lazy and constantly beat up the down jacket, the result will be no worse than when drying in a car.

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