Russian flag for Pope on February 23

Do you think how to help a child please dad on Defender of the Fatherland Day? Offer him to make a bright and beautiful flag of Russia! For the Pope on February 23 it will be quite unexpected and, undoubtedly, a very pleasant surprise.

It will not be difficult to make the flag of Russia with your own hands for children of absolutely any age; even the 18 months old kids will be able to take part in the creation of this craft, even if they don’t understand its deep meaning.

 Flag of Russia for Pope on February 23

Flag of Russia for Pope February 23

What you need in the process:

  • cardboard or a sheet of very thick white or beige paper;
  • PVA glue and a brush wide enough to be applied;
  • a simple pencil or a black marker;
  • colored sprinkling of white saturated with He and red hue.

As a topping, you can use the factory-colored sand, decorative color chips, a simple semolina or rice, which is easy to give the right shade using food coloring.You can paint the semolina or rice with watercolors or gouache - just mix a small amount of the cereal with a drop of paint of a suitable color, and then let the grains dry out by spilling them on a flat surface - for example, spacing.

We start.

On a sheet of paper, draw the outlines of the flag, dividing its canvas into three strips.

= "width: 410px"> Folded cardboard

Folded cardboard

 P we put the flag

We draw a flag

We cover these strips with glue and, until it is dry, we begin to sprinkle it with sprinkling.

>Apply glue

Applying glue

Younger kids will find it easier if they glue each strip in turn with glue. Then the sprinkles of a different color, which fell on a neighboring site, will not have time to stick to it. If the child works carefully enough, you can immediately apply glue to the entire flag. You can also cover the stripes with a sheet of paper, thus eliminating the mixing of paints.

Do not forget to follow the sequence: the upper band should be white,the middle one is blue and the bottom one is red.

 White topping

White topping

Blue Topping

Blue sprinkling

 Red sprinkle

Red sprinkle

When all the bands are sprinkled quite tightly, we leave the crafts to dry.

After the glue dries, shake off flag not stuck pieces.

 We brush the excess

We brush the excess


Russian flag with their own hands

Russian flag with your own hands

Such an article for kindergarten works well. By February 23, a small congratulatory program is always prepared in the kindergarten and the meaning of the upcoming holiday is studied, and in the process of making the flag, children can be told about its meaning and speculate about its symbolism.

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