Russian stove in the interior: current trends

For many years, the Russian stove has been an integral part of traditional East Slavic architecture. Unlike flat fireplaces, it copes well not only with heating the room, but also with preserving heat for a long time. In modern conditions, where the saving of resources becomes not just a rule of good form, but a necessity, designers return to forgotten traditions.

The stove is no longer like an element of a village house - it can be a construction of almost any shape that performs many functions. However, the main role of the furnace in the house - the creation of comfort and warmth.

The furnace combined with a ladder

Excellent solution for houses above one floor. Using the space under the stairs is not always easy. The furnace, which often turns out to be a rather massive structure, in this case does not make the room cluttered.

Stove surrounded by whitewashed walls

This decoration of the room allows you to emphasize the traditional national style, keeping the interior light and light.

More natural materials

Walls and furniture made of natural wood, exposed beams, pottery and large forged parts will make the furnace an excellent company. It is important not to overdo it so that your room does not become an ethnographic museum.

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