Ryan Reynolds made fun of the appearance of Blake Lively

Dirty clothes, unwashed hair, a hat with pills, pulled down over her eyes ... in such an unattractive appearance, Blake Lively was spotted the day before on the streets of Dublin. But do not worry, spouse Ryan Reynolds did not drive her out of the house: the actress started shooting a new film under the working title “Rhythm section”, from producers James Bond, by the way! Blake got the role of a woman who becomes a killer, trying to avenge the death of loved ones in a plane crash. The company on the screen, according to rumors, must be composed by Jude Law, although on the set it is not yet visible, and it is not entirely clear who he will play in this spy thriller, which before the premiere already promises to be released on screens in four parts!

Ryan Reynolds ridiculed the appearance of Blake LivelyRyan Reynolds ridiculed the appearance of Blake LivelyRyan Reynolds ridiculed the appearance of Blake Lively

Considering the first shots from the shooting, Ryan Reynolds could not miss the opportunity to make fun of his wife. On his Instagram page, he posted one of the frames under the hashtag #nofilter, hinting that this is how his spouse usually looks without stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers.

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