Salad "SnackinPineapple"

Salad "Appetizer in Pineapple"is a salad recipe that guarantees original taste and exotic sensations.


  1. Pineapple;
  2. Cherry Tomatoes 50g.
  3. celery 20 g.;
  4. 20 g. salad
  5. ginger 10 g.;
  6. Mandarins 2 pcs.
  7. tiger prawns 60g.
  8. mussels are 60 g;
  9. sesame (white, black) 70 g;
  10. chili pepper
  11. green peas
  12. Bulgarian pepper 60g.
  13. eggs 2 pieces;
  14. kiwi 1 pc;
  15. olive oil 100 ml.
  16. Cashew nuts 20 g.
  17. soy sauce 6g.;
  18. mustard;
  19. Vinegar 5 g.;
  20. salt.


First, make the sauce. Separate the two yolks from the whites and whip them with olive oil. Pour the oil into a thin stream.

Squeeze the juice of one tangerine, pour into the sauce. Next, add soy sauce, mustard, sugar and whisk everything until smooth.

Take the pineapple and cut it into 3 parts, the upper and lower we need. The bottom will serve as a salad bowl, and the top - a lid. From the bottom of the nouvette take out all the flesh. The resulting balls leave for salad.

Beat the squirrels left over from the sauce. Cut royal tiger shrimps in half, dip in protein. Then we pan shrimps in white sesame. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fry in a pan in olive oil on each side for 2 minutes.

Take the Bulgarian pepper and cut off its flesh to thin skin. Next, cut into very thin straws and soak in cold water.

Clear the mandarin and divide it into slices. Celery finely chopped vegetable cutter and put in cold water. Kiwi peel and cut into cubes. Cherry tomatoes cut in half, ginger - thin straws.

Begin to mix the salad. Put in a bowl: pineapple, tangerine, kiwi, celery, cherry, ginger, peas, mussels, fried shrimp, cashew nuts. Mix and pour the sauce.

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