Salted mackerel at home

Nutritionists advise you to include fish in the menu at least 1-2 times a week, and it is desirable to choose fish with a sufficiently large percentage of fat. Together with it, valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) of the Omega-3 family enter the human body, which, with adequate consumption, have a beneficial effect on its vital activity. One of the most affordable ways to enrich the diet of PUFA is the regular consumption of mackerel. There are quite a few recipes for its preparation, but almost all of them involve heat treatment, in which most of the useful fat is destroyed. But in salted mackerel, it is fully preserved. How to pickle mackerel, where and how much to store and in what form to serve?

Secrets of proper preparation of mackerel for salting

In order to taste salted mackerel, you need to buy quality frozen fish. To do this, go to a proven fish shop,in which storage of frozen products is organized more or less correctly - the temperature regime is observed, the conditions of the commodity neighborhood are maintained, there are marking labels with information on the manufacturer and the date of production. If these moments suit you, carefully examine the carcass on the subject:
  • if there are no dents, ice build-ups, frozen parasites and injuries on it;
  • are there any signs that the mackerel was frozen fresh - even eyes and skin color, fins tight to the body, pink gills color, pleasant fish aroma;
  • has long been frozen fish - this will directly inform the date of production on the label and indirectly tell the yellow spots on its surface.
Refuse to buy if the quality of the carcasses is not sponds to at least one of these items. It should also not be purchased for salting mackerel in fresh form, with too thick a layer of ice (more than 5 mm), previously defrosted and cleared from the head and viscera. It is important to observe all these precautions, as the fish will not be thermally processed, and your health directly depends on its quality. It is equally important to defrost the mackerel properly.To do this, you can use these methods:
  • natural thawing in a closed vessel on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator - the fish will completely roll out after 5-6 hours, so do not hold it longer than this time; >
  • keeping in a cool water-salt solution, prepared at the rate of 2 liters of cold boiled water and 2 tbsp. l. salt per 1 kg of fish (salt is needed so that the product does not lose minerals);
  • preheating in the microwave oven in the appropriate mode (this method is recommended only in exceptional cases, as the taste of the fish is somewhat degraded).
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In no way should it be defrosted in warm and hot water, and also at room temperature, especially during the hot season. And, of course, you can not freeze the mackerel again. For salt it is better to use a large salt - stone, maritime or iodized salt. It slowly dissolves at a low temperature and gradually takes away the moisture from the carcass. If you use fine salt, mackerel can turn dry and tasteless.

Tasty mackerel at home - step by step recipe with photo

The mackerel sauce method suggested by this recipe is called dry, because it does not need to prepare a marinade.To prepare salted mackerel at home, you will need:
  • 2 large thawed fish;
  • 3 tbsp. l. salt;
  • 1 tbsp. l. sugar.
If you wish, you can add your favorite spices - bay leaf, allspice, coriander, cloves, fresh dill. Before salting the mackerel, you will need to grind dry spices in a mortar to add the resulting powder to the sugar and salt. In this case, you get a spicy salted mackerel. If you value salted mackerel for its pure taste, any additional seasonings should be excluded.
Salted mackerel at home
Pour the required amount of salt and sugar into a container of suitable size (perhaps a regular soup bowl).
Salted mackerel at home
Mix the mixture thoroughly.
Salted mackerel at home
Divide the fish: use kitchen scissors to cut the fins and the tip of the tail, and a knife to cut the head, then open the belly and pull out all the entrails.Remove the black film from the inside and wash the carcass under running water.
Salted mackerel at home
Put the fish on a clean cutting board. Pour a layer of salt and sugar mixture on them and rub it well into the abdominal cavity and all external surfaces.
Salted mackerel at home
Place each carcass in a separate plastic bag. Sprinkle them with the rest of the mixture.
Salted mackerel at home
Put the mackerel in a bowl.
Salted mackerel at home
Close the tank and put the fish in the refrigerator. After 48 hours, it will be ready for use. You can understand that mackerel has ripened, by changing the color of meat, its hardness and elasticity.
Salted mackerel at home
Store salted mackerel in a refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 5 C and no longer than 3 days. To extend the shelf life to 1 week, it can be marinated additionally in vinegar and vegetable oil,however, it is strictly forbidden to pickle already spoiled fish.
Salted mackerel at home
Mackerel prepared according to this recipe is deliciously served in the form of sandwiches made from rye bread with various fillings. Mackerel perfectly combines thin slices of sweet and sour green apple, radishes, onions, fresh cucumber, Adyghe cheese. Try it - this is a very tasty snack!

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