Sand Painting

Creating paintings is a very laborious process and not everyone can do it. Alternatively, it may be a sand painting. Such creativity will be very much appreciated not only by adults, but also by children. Work will require: - making a pattern on a sticky basis, - drawing a pattern, - sand of various colors.
Materials for the work
Procurement can be done independently on a double-sided tape. Sand can be purchased at a creative store or painted independently. Now ready-made kits with a template, base and all necessary sand are available for sale. This is a simple and enjoyable way to create a sand painting. More time-consuming is creating everything yourself. For more comfortable work it is recommended to glue the base to any cardboard. This is necessary for greater strength of the finished picture.
Glued base to cardboard
The principle of creating a picture is very simple.It is necessary to remove the protective film one by one from the base of only one color that interests us.
Withdrawing film
After all, it is covered with sand.
Land covered with sand
Sand on places with a cleaned film is pressed down gently with your finger to better fix sand. When all the plots are pressed down, the excess sand is removed by turning the picture upside down.
Removed sand excess
You can save the remains for other paintings or other types of creativity. Also they can be discarded. This operation is done with each color in turn.
Filled in areas with second color
 The process of removing excess sand
Completely two ready-made colors
 Finished work
The work should not be in a hurry.A few tips for creating a picture: 1) It is better to stick the base on a double-sided tape or at least on a glue stick. PVA is better not to use. It will soften the base and the adhesive part will be removed along with the film. 2) For convenient removal of the film, you can use a stationery knife or tweezers to pick up the edges. 3) You can cover the finished picture with ordinary hairspray so that the grains do not crumble and the picture has long pleased the eye. Such paintings look unusual and beautiful in any interior. You can decorate them in ordinary frames and hang them on the walls.
 Finished work in a frame
The work involves a lot of scattered sand on the table and the floor. After work, it is better to go vacuuming and collect surplus. Creativity is very simple and exciting. Available and interesting to children.

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