Santa Claus made from colored paper

Contests for the best creative work among pupils and parents began in schools and kindergartens. Christmas theme is quite extensive. In some groups, it was decided to make a mitten from scrap materials, in others - a Christmas tree, in the third - New Year's toys. My daughter and I were already knitting a mitten with fabulous characters (with a mouse, a crook, a frog, etc.). Houses scored up to a dozen of the most diverse paper Christmas trees. So, today we make a simple New Year's toy. It will be Santa Claus. The children of primary school age will cope with the craft of colored paper without any help. The kids are not able to do this kind of work. So, we prepare for crafts:
  • glue
  • scissors
  • white and colored paper
  • pencils.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Let's start working with registrations of a fur coat and hats of Santa Claus. This is a solid item. It is necessary to form a cone from red paper. Ways to create this geometric shape are different.Someone cuts a circle, and then sticks it together into a cone. But we got to distort the cone from a rectangular sheet. The base is leveled with scissors.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Next you need to make a fur edge for the cap and fur coat. We will need two white stripes about 10 mm wide. Let's bend the strip along in half, and go to the opposite edge of the bend with scissors, cut the narrow short fringe.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Glueing the fur edge to the bottom of the fur coat . Immediately we determine the height of the cap, mark the edge of the headdress with white trim.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Then we cut out an elongated trapezium from an album sheet, carefully rounding all four angle. Immediately cut into the resulting figure thin long strips - a beard. At the end of the work, go through the blade of the scissors on each hair to fluff the white beard.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Using gouache, watercolor, felt-tip pens or pencils to paint the face of Santa Frost.A distinctive feature of the appearance of the hero are thick eyebrows and mustaches.
 Santa Claus made of colored paper
We also cut our hand-made hair out of paper. No difficulties.
 Santa Claus of colored paper
It remains to paste all the details into their places. Santa Claus from colored paper is ready. Of course, if you wish, the work can be continued, in particular, to issue the hero's arms and legs. However, in the presented form, the work also looks great.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
We put Santa Claus next to the paper tree. The tree is made of multi-colored (white and green) palms. Next to the children's crafts, we'll spread the tinsel. It is a pity that there were no silver products at home. Nothing misunderstanding will fix this coming weekend. You still have to prepare for the matinee.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
Let's demonstrate the result of the New Year's children's crafts by largeplan.
 Santa Claus from colored paper
 Santa Claus made of colored paper
On That's all, let's say goodbye. We wish you all a fabulous New Year!

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