Sarah Jessica Parker showed a wrinkled body in a swimsuit

The attitude of the public to the role of Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” has always been ambiguous. She was recorded in the ratings of the most asexual stars and immediately proclaimed an icon of style. One thing is for sure: the 53-year-old actress looks clearly older than her age. You can make sure of this again by looking at her photo from the beach in Portofino. Even in a smooth black swimsuit, the actress looks, so to speak, so-so.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Wrinkled thighs and knees, flabby arms, sagging butt and bust - perhaps, of all the advantages of Parker, only relative slimness can be noted. However, it does not bother her at all. Not so long ago, she starred in an underwear ad for a well-known fashion brand, and the image, consisting of lace braids and silk open suit pajamas, seemed to like her so much that she exploited him later at several events.At the same time, Sarah Jessica has repeatedly said that she possesses a bunch of complexes and a rather low self-esteem. We did not notice this.

In addition, his beloved spouse, she likes and such. Recall star married to actor and singer Matthew Broderick already since 1997, and the couple have three children: a son and twins, a daughter.

By the way, the signs of aging and the woman herself are not at all confused: the star does not run away from the photographers, but poses with a smile to them. The fact that she is not afraid of old age, “Carrie” has repeatedly told reporters:

“Yes, I'm getting old ... God, I'm constantly getting old! It looks like wilting flowers. It happens right before our eyes, but what can I do about it? Look like crazy? ”Sarah Jessica Parker told about this in one of her interviews. decided to remember how the popular actress has changed over the years.

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