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9 assistants of stylish design of a small hallway

And after all, it is in the hallway that the first impression is created about the accommodation and its owners. I want to stand out, to surprise the guests with original design. How to do the impossible, together with everything you need in the hallway, and at the same time make repairs with a claim to good taste?

1. White color

Well, of course! White color has always helped to expand the space, so why not apply it in the hallway? And white can be not only the walls, but also the furniture itself. This is a neutral color, and white objects seem to be not important to us, we do not pay much attention to them, as a result, the room feels like more spacious.

And if you are worried that white is too easily soiled for you, choose the lightest shade of beige or, for example, blue. In any case, light colors visually expand the space. And of course, order for the walls of the hallway wear-resistant paint, which makes it possible from time to time to wash the contaminated areas of the wall. For the walls in the hallway and the hallway is great latex.

2. Black color

Yes, yes, and such a step can be very successful! Designers have a terrific method: if something is impossible to fix, they bring the flaw to absurdity, against which the flaw is no longer so noticeable. Your hallway is small, and you can’t push the walls in any way, so decorate it just like a small dark space.

The black or, say, cherry, purple corridor has one more plus: when the guest leaves the dark small room into the room, it will seem incredibly spacious and simply flooded with light! Try it, you will surely enjoy this feeling!

3. Mirror

Mirrors enliven and complement the interior, they give the room a depth - what a small hallway needs. By the way, the fashion trend of 2017 is not one, but a group of mirrors on the wall. If there is very little space, it is better to hang a large full-length mirror on one of the interior doors or fix it on the cabinet door.


4. Gloss

The effect of specularity can give and glossy surfaces. Keep this in mind when ordering furniture for the hallway. But to paint the walls in the corridor with paint with a high degree of gloss is not the best option: trying to clean the wall in a polluted place, you can leave a dull spot. Paint is better to buy a matte, fine.

5. Multifunctional furniture

Since there is not much space, it is worthwhile to carefully consider how to use each centimeter wisely and conveniently. Let the cabinet for bags and accessories serve at the same time as a pouf, on which it is convenient to sit down while shoeing. A narrow galoshnitsy cabinet, which, incidentally, takes only 15-20 centimeters, can be used as a shelf for small items.

6. Storage Systems

That where will be stored, it is worth thinking separately. A good idea is to tap into the space above the entrance door by hanging the shelves. Very comfortable corner furniture sets for the hallway. But a cabinet with a depth of 40 cm will be quite enough to hang outerwear in it. Yes, the hangers will be placed in the frontal plane, but this will save about 15 cm of free space.


7. Less parts

In a small room should reign minimalism. Bring all the souvenirs to another room, lay out a collection of knitted hats and umbrellas of all family members in baskets and boxes. Outerwear (at least the one that you do not wear every day, hide behind the deaf cabinet doors). Let order reign, and there will be nothing superfluous.

8. Lighting

Rarely in what hallway is there a window, so taking care of the right lighting is very important. Practice shows that a single light source is not enough.Necessary to highlight the area at the mirror, sometimes a wardrobe. In the long corridor it is convenient to use several wall lamps or sconces. A small additional illumination can give interior doors with glass inserts.


9. Uniform style

In such a utilitarian room as a hallway, the unity of style is very important. Make sure that all interior, front door and furniture facades are combined with each other, the same applies to lamps and sconces, furniture and other items. You can visually “continue the hallway with the rooms”, having equally decorated the walls, for example, painting the walls of the rooms with the paint of the same color. And by itself, the hallway must match the style of the whole house.

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