Say "hotly": sexy photo "Ranetok" that you never dreamed of

The girls grew up and turned out to be a diva!

“We just are such children, we are rantki, we are rantki” - and if you didn’t sing it, you didn’t grow up in Russia (well, or were born after 2006). All the girls, and the boys also watched at least one series of “Ranetok” and knew their songs by heart.

But the mad glory did not last so long, and the group began to change. One soloist followed another, and then “Ranetki” and all disappeared somewhere.

Photo: Legion Media // Anna Salynskaya

28-year-old Anya Rudneva went into solo swimming and managed to give birth to two children, Lera Kozlova (she is 30 years old), slightly burned into the “5sta family”, and Nyut Baidavletova (girl 25) joined the group. But it was not possible to return the former glory.

Now, from time to time, the girls come together again and perform. But now "Ranetki" is more like not a group of teenagers, the boy, but sexy - "VIA Gro."

24 May 2018 at 9:42 pdt

Girls are not shy to show their figures, taking pictures in swimsuits and underwear. And you can afford it - their bodies are just perfect.

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