Scenario VS reality: the relationship of serial friends in life

While we admire the immaculate friendship of the heroines of the series, many of them, as soon as the cameras turn off, turn from girlfriends into enemies.

Some believe that women's friendship does not happen. Especially in the actor's environment, where competition is particularly evident, and hence envy and anger. And it seems they were right. At least, many female celebrities have not been able to find a common language while working with each other. Moreover, even after the end of filming, they continued to quarrel and even talk about each other not the most pleasant things. And publicly. We understand who disliked each other for what.

"Sex and the City"

The best friends in the series had nothing to do with each other.
Photo: a frame from the series

Four best friends from "Sex and the City" performed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrah were at odds with the plot, they immediately put up.Moreover, the heroines looked so cute on the screen together, that it seemed to everyone, without exception, that they also treated each other in the same way. But can not it be so plausible to depict on the camera tender looks to each other? It turns out you can.

Already in the middle of the project filming rumors began to appear that three minor actresses did not like Sarah Jessica Parker. And if Cynthia and Christine tried to hold back their feelings and never spoke ill of anyone, then Kim expressed her dislike in the open.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattroll played their friends so well that no one could imagine that they couldn�t tolerate each other in their lives.
Photo: a frame from the series

The performer of the role of Samantha in the first place was dissatisfied with the fact that after the first season the fees of Sarah Jessica soared to the skies, while the other participants of the series remained the same. Moreover, Cattrol assured that everyone in the series worked on an equal footing and the number of working hours at Parker was not exceeded over the others. Also, the actress believed that the producers of �Sex and the City� had to increase Parker's salary, because she allegedly made a condition to them - either pay more or I leave. And how can you continue a successful project without the main character?

As a result, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrol in the breaks between the shooting or cursing, or did not communicate with each other. In general, the atmosphere on the project was heated ... And, by the way, it was because of the quarrel of the actresses that we did not wait for the third part of the film "Sex and the City".

"Desperate Housewives"

Teri Hatcher in the series played the kindest character named Susan. And outside the cameras with no one could find a common language
Photo: a frame from the series

Often we associate actresses with the heroines they play. Hence, most viewers couldn�t imagine that Teri Hatcher, who performed the role of Susan�s most naive, kind and sympathetic neighbor, was in reality her opposite. As insiders said, the actress was always unhappy with this or that scenario, and quarreled with the other main characters of Desperate Housewives, who in eight seasons managed to make friends. There is a case when Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross gathered to celebrate the end of the project, but they didn�t specifically call to Teri's party. One can only assume how the star offended them ...

They say that Nicolette Sheridan, who played the role of Edie, left the show because of Hatcher!
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However, the performer of the role of the fatal beauty Edie Nicolette Sheridan was one of the few who told reporters that she had no idea to communicate with Hatcher. And in an interview, she even called her "a disgusting woman."

Moreover, it is rumored that it was not by chance that the heroine Sheridan suddenly died in the middle of the series. It is likely that Nicolette, due to a conflict with his colleague, having decided to leave the project, herself suggested such a scenario for the development of events to directors. Is it really true?


Photo: a frame from the series

Such friendly characters on the screen of �Charmed� in real life didn�t feel tenderness to each other or, at least, were not the best friends. And the performers of the roles of Phoebe and Prue, Alice Milano and Shannen Doherty, did not communicate with each other at all. Actress never spoke about the causes of the conflict. According to insiders, they were simply too different and they could not find a common language with each other. Also, most likely, precisely because of the constant quarrels with Milano Doherty terminated the contract and left the project.

And only 15 years later, in 2017, the actresses suddenly made up for their fans, telling journalists about it.

�We are already at that age, when what happened 15 years ago, or some time ago, no longer matters,� Alice Milano told E! online. �I think what she experienced (Shannen Doherty suffered cancer. - Approx., as well as motherhood in my life changed us.�


Photo: a frame from the series

Serena and Blair in �Gossip Girl� performed by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were role models for all girls. Beautiful, stylish, self-confident, successful - just as it seemed to everyone should be modern women. And what is most interesting, in real life, the actresses corresponded to their characters. True, with one "but" - friends, as in the series, they did not to each other. And the reason, as sources close to celebrities asserted, lay in banal envy.

They said that Leighton felt as if Blake was much more popular than her, and even the outfits of the project stylists were better and more expensive for her. And what kind of good relationship after that? In general, as soon as the camera turned off, the stars dispersed on different sides and tried not to intersect with each other.


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And only the relationship of actresses from the series "Friends" can be a pleasant exception to the rule. Both in plot and off-camera, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were friendly. Moreover, the actress and now continue to communicate and warmly respond to each other. And Jenn and Kourtney and did become best friends. More on here.

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